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ExplainedHow Liverpool's centre-backs are adapting to Trent's hybrid role

By Sam Williams


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Joel Matip has detailed how Liverpool's recent tweak in system adapts his role as a central defender.

Towards the end of last season, Trent Alexander-Arnold began fulfilling a hybrid role that, when the Reds are in possession, permits him to drift inside from right-back to central midfield.

This in turn alters the responsibilities of Liverpool’s right-sided centre-back, the position Matip ordinarily plays when selected.

“It is obviously a different kind of situation for me now and I need to adapt. I think it will get better and better in the season,” the No.32 told the club’s official matchday programme.

“For sure I have to think of different things on the pitch because the right-back will not be there in the first moment. We need to adapt, but at the same time we have got some more players and some new players in the midfield.

“There are always some pros and cons but there is no perfect system. It’s how we live the system we are playing and I feel confident of our system.”

This season represents Matip’s eighth as a Liverpool player and he is determined to perform strongly when afforded an opportunity.

He continued: “At the end now it feels like it has gone quite quick, but I have been here a long time and I have enjoyed it.

“When I first arrived I didn’t really think about how long I would stay. I just thought about the time I’ve got here and put all my focus into playing football.

“I have had some good times here and some times when I’ve been unlucky with injuries, but I have always tried to come back and show my best self. That is what I want to do again this season.”

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