Harvey Elliott: We're working hard and want to put it right against Bournemouth

InterviewHarvey Elliott: We're working hard and want to put it right against Bournemouth

Published 26th August 2022

Harvey Elliott detailed the determination within the Liverpool dressing room to kickstart their 2022-23 campaign.

The Reds host AFC Bournemouth at Anfield on Saturday afternoon as they look to register their first victory in the Premier League this season. 

Their opening three fixtures in the top flight have only produced two points, though Elliott stressed Jürgen Klopp's squad are continuing to put in the hard yards at the AXA Training Centre in order to turn their fortunes around. 

The No.19 told Liverpoolfc.com: "It's not really the start that we wanted. Obviously Liverpool, a big team with world-class players in the team as well, we always want to win every single game. 

"But I think it's probably best that we get all of these games out of the way at the start and focus on what's to come in the season. There's still 35 games left in the season. 

"As I said, it's not the best but we're always working hard, always looking forward to the next game and wanting to put it right in the next game. 

"We're always doing what we can in training and to reflect and to make sure that we put it right in the next game. 

"The boys are working as hard as they possibly can and hopefully the results will be coming our way soon."

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Elliott and his close friend and summer arrival Fabio Carvalho have appeared in all four of Liverpool's competitive games so far this term. 

Despite both being just 19 years of age, the pair still firmly believe they can and should deliver a lasting impact on matches. 

Elliott said: "It's just making sure that we do what we can to sort of help the team out. 

"Obviously we're younger players in the team but we've had loads of experience, so we can't really use that as an excuse when it comes to these big games. Either we're starting or coming on, we just need to make sure that we're fully focused and to impact the game. 

"There's still a lot of improvements that we can do and that we can work on throughout the season and throughout the weeks when different games are coming. 

"We just need to stay as a team, we need to stick together, we just need to make sure that we're all around each other. I'm sure we can turn it around and make it better. 

"As I said, we just need to stay as a team and make sure we're together as one."

The Reds' pursuit to get back on track this weekend will come in front of their own supporters.

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On just how the Anfield crowd can help the team, Elliott explained: "It's just the passion that they bring. It's a passion that rubs on us as players as well, so you can see how much they want it. For us, we want it a lot anyway but just to go that extra mile just to satisfy them. 

"It's just one of them, no matter what you want to do in life, you just always want to make the fans happy, always want to give it your all. So the fans can see that no matter how hard circumstances are and situations, you're always there trying to give 100 per cent. 

"To have them as the 12th man, it's unbelievable for us players. To go out and know you're going to get a big crowd of support each and every game – whether that's home or away – they're always singing their hearts out, they're always helping us out and giving us the passion that we need to go on and push. 

"That's why we were so successful in the past few years – because of these fans, because of the way they are. They travel around the world to support us and watch us. There's no better place to go out and do it than Anfield. To do it in front of these fans as well, it's an even better thing."

Published 26th August 2022