Harvey Elliott: It was an unbelievable performance and response from us

ReactionHarvey Elliott: It was an unbelievable performance and response from us

Published 27th August 2022

Harvey Elliott reflected on an 'unbelievable' performance from Liverpool in the 9-0 win over AFC Bournemouth on what was an emotional day for the 19-year-old.

Elliott opened his Premier League account by scoring the Reds' second in the emphatic victory, curling in a beauty from the edge of the penalty area after just six minutes. 

The effort helped Jürgen Klopp's side deliver the club its biggest ever victory in the Premier League, with the afternoon particularly significant for the No.19 and his family. 

Read on for Liverpoolfc.com's post-match interview with Elliott in full... 

Harvey, congratulations, how did that feel? 

It was unbelievable and the perfect response for us in all fairness to score as many goals as we did, to top off a great win but more importantly get the three points. It's a dream for us and definitely a stepping stone to the next games. We're just going to use it as confidence and motivation to put it right again on Wednesday.

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A frustrated team can be a very dangerous prospect. Did you feel a little bit of that in the atmosphere at the AXA Training Centre this week? 

Definitely. I think there was a lot of pressure on us players to go out and put on a performance today. We certainly did that, so it's a massive relief. To score five in the first half, it was a dream start for us. The boys played unbelievably throughout the game. And big congratulations to the young lads as well who have deserved their chance and deserved to be playing – they're the ones that keep us going throughout training. It's massive relief for us and we're just so excited for Wednesday.

There's so many highlights to pick out – let's pick out yours individually. When that ball rolls to you, what's in your mind?

Just shoot. I've had a few chances here and there, especially in the Palace game, but luckily today the ball hit the back of the net. It was just a great feeling to score at Anfield – not just any goal but a goal like that, it's always worth the hard work. To hear the crowd roar, for me personally it's great and hopefully many more to come. 

You can hear the emotion in your voice, it was a special goal for you and your family..

Yeah, my nan passed away a few days ago, so just for her really and the three points.

She'll have been so proud of you and the performance that you put in today and all throughout the season. 

Let's talk a little bit about the team, since you came here there have been so many players that have been so pivotal in you settling in – Bobby Firmino will be one of those, won't he? He scored his 100th goal for Liverpool and goals of a different kind for him... 

Bobby's a great player, as well as a great guy. It's always a great thing to play with him. He's unselfish in many ways but just for his confidence today, it was unbelievable. 

At 5-0 with you coming off the pitch at half-time, we felt there were many more goals and that was what the team went after...

Definitely. I don't think we could settle for what happened in the first half. We just needed to go out and go again. The boys showed that today and scored so many good goals. It's one of those for us, it's nothing that we can just sit on and be happy about at half-time. We just need to go out and keep putting on a performance and show the world, as well as the fans, that we are Liverpool. 

It's a massive week and you go into the three-games-a-week period now. This is a really important result and performance...

Yeah, it's back to the busy stage now. Recovery's very important, we just need to keep on going and use today as motivation but not get too excited about it because Newcastle is another hard game and then Everton as well. We've got hard games and everyone we play in the Premier League is very hard. It's just how we come back and make sure we put on another performance like we did today.

Highlights: Liverpool 9-0 Bournemouth

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Published 27th August 2022