'A great thrill' - NBA legend Steve Kerr on visiting LFC

News'A great thrill' - NBA legend Steve Kerr on visiting LFC

Published 30th August 2022
By Chris Shaw

NBA legend Steve Kerr has revealed his ‘thrill’ at the opportunity to recently visit Liverpool’s AXA Training Centre.

The Golden State Warriors head coach is a stated fan of the Reds and met several players and manager Jürgen Klopp during a trip to the club’s Kirkby base.

Speaking about the visit, Kerr – who won five NBA championships as a player and has claimed four as a head coach – also explained how Mohamed Salah initially inspired his passion for LFC.

“I started following the Premier League maybe five or six years ago and I had seen Mohamed Salah play and read about him,” said Kerr. “I was just so impressed by his character and what he had done in his hometown, helping to build a school.

“I knew how beloved he was in Egypt, so I said, ‘That’s my guy!’ I wanted to cheer for Mohamed Salah and when I found out he played for Liverpool I said, ‘OK, that’s my team!’ So, I’ve been a Liverpool fan ever since.”

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He continued: “I’ve gotten to meet some of the coaches. I met with Jürgen Klopp the other day in Liverpool, which was a great thrill. Watching the game, it’s very similar in terms of concepts.

“Even though there’s 11 players in soccer and only five in basketball, it’s still very much a game about three people – whoever has the ball and whoever is closest to that player – and being able to pass and move in small triangles across the court or the pitch; trying to beat your man and beat the defender with cutting and spacing, it’s all very similar.

“I’m still trying to learn more about soccer – I’m not an expert – but I enjoy watching it, and I feel like I’m always learning something.”

Published 30th August 2022