Eight key themes from Paris identified by LFC supporters



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In the hours following the chaos at the UEFA Champions League final in Paris, Liverpool Football Club called on our supporters to write to us outlining their experiences.

We also called for any photographs and video footage to be submitted so we could retain this on a secure server for the future.

In total, the club received more than 9,000 supporter testimonials – many were several pages long and outlined harrowing and harmful experiences. We are extremely grateful to every single supporter who took the time to write into us, we understand how hard it was to put down in writing your experiences. Thank you from all at LFC.

After all the testimonies were gathered, we then deployed artificial intelligence to analyse the key recurring themes. We have categorised these into eight key themes listed below.


There was a lot of congestion at access points to the fan park and the stadium, caused by police vans positioned at security checkpoints.

Lack of travel information

No real information about how to change the journey to the stadium as a result of the train strikes.

Ticket checks

Significant issues at the outer ticket cordon and the ticket check areas and turnstiles, including local youths and gangs stealing tickets.

Heavy handed policing

Excessive riot policing tactics, which have been heavily reported by those who were at the match.

Stadium communication

Total lack of information and communication to supporters outside the stadium to let them know that kick-off was delayed twice.


Posting of the incorrect reason for the delayed kick-off. This had echoes of the Hillsborough disaster and must never be allowed to happen again.

Exiting the stadium

Many people exiting the stadium became unwitting victims of terrifying muggings, thefts, serious crimes and assaults.

Fan park

Tear-gassing was used there too, with little or no warning, similar to the heavy handed policing tactics at the stadium.

The club wishes to extend its great thanks once again to every supporter who took the time to write into us. We know this wasn’t an easy thing to do – reliving and recalling the dreadful experiences from that night, but we are extremely grateful.

We also want you to know through the Liverpool FC Foundation, we continue to fund support for anyone who was in Paris. You can access mental health specialists support here.



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