Divock Origi: Liverpool has a special place in my heart

InterviewDivock Origi: Liverpool has a special place in my heart



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Divock Origi says his time at Liverpool has been an ‘honour’, adding that the club will forever hold a special place in his heart.

The Reds striker missed out on Sunday's final Premier League matchday squad due to an issue picked up ahead of the 3-1 victory over Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Origi, though, was given a guard of honour and special presentation post-match ahead of the usual season-ending Anfield lap of honour, following a stellar seven seasons on Merseyside.

Speaking after the game about his time in L4, the No.27 told Liverpoolfc.com: “Honestly, I feel honoured. It was an honour to be able to play here in Anfield with teammates, with staff [and] with the fans – it’s been an honour.

“You have to experience Liverpool. Before I came here, they told me it’s a special club and once you sign here, you experience it.

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“I’ve been able to see us winning so much – it goes beyond words. It’s been an honour.”

Asked about earning legendary status at Liverpool, he added: “Even that is something you take with you and you’re grateful for.

“I know that I’ll come and watch games, for sure. I will follow the club, but it’s forever in my heart – it has a special place in my heart.

“I just wish that the club continues to grow and keep being Liverpool as it is. For sure, I’ll be back.”

Read on for the rest of the interview with the forward…

On just missing out on the Premier League title to Manchester City…

Yeah, even for us on the bench at one point [we] thought it was 3-3 [at Man City]. It was an unbelievable game, so much to play for. In the end we come away with a good feeling. We fought so hard – we had an unbelievable season and I feel proud. Obviously, we wanted to win it… on one side you’re hurt, because you wanted to win, but on the other the overall feeling is very proud and happy.

Divock Origi gets an emotional presentation at Anfield

On the issue that kept him out of the game…

I had a little injury in my thigh – we’re still assessing it. Unfortunately it happened... football – probably for the season – will be finished. So, I tried to just be here [and] encourage the team as much as possible. [I tried to] soak it in, it’s an unbelievable time, also, the last home game; so many memories here. It was a joy to be able to experience this. I would love it to be with the Premier League, but it’s been a joy.

On his favourite moment in a Liverpool shirt…

Honestly, there’s so many moments. Even behind the scenes… at Melwood. [There’s been] so many teammates, fans, Champions League finals, cups [and] challenges when it was tough; us fighting back. It’s something that you will take for life. I will be able to share these moments with my kids later. It’s been a pure joy.

On his goal in the 2019 Champions League final…

In the moment you just think about playing football and being the best. You cannot predict these moments. It goes beyond anything you can describe. I know what it means for the club. I lived in the city for a couple of years – in the middle of the city – so you know what it is like after derby day when you score [and] you see the people, [and] when it’s tough. It’s really a part of who I am. That’s why I think it’s so special. I know that this club will continue to be the special club that it is. It’s in unbelievable hands. When you see the next generation, the recruitment [and] the players that are here already – there will be unbelievable moments. I’m just so happy that I’ve been able to play my part in this beautiful club.

On being an important squad player…

After every game you feel frustrated. When you don’t play, you feel hurt, but beyond that you always try to put the team first. I always try to transform that and know there is a higher purpose and know that we have an unbelievable coach who makes the right decisions – we need to win games. In my time here we won so many games and being able to put the team first has been my thing. Every time I felt like every footballer. I wanted to play, but in the end, I knew there was a higher purpose. I feel that my purpose is done here in Liverpool.



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