Diogo Jota on Man Utd, Jürgen Klopp's motivational talks, Luis Diaz and more

InterviewDiogo Jota on Man Utd, Jürgen Klopp's motivational talks, Luis Diaz and more

Published 18th April 2022
By Joe Urquhart


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Diogo Jota knows just how meaningful Liverpool's latest showdown with Manchester United is as the Reds return to their Premier League run-in this week.

Jürgen Klopp’s side have just seven top-flight games remaining this term and sit one point behind Manchester City in the race for the title.

Fresh from qualifying for the Emirates FA Cup final at the weekend, they are now preparing to host the Red Devils at Anfield on Tuesday night under the lights.

Liverpool to face Chelsea in FA Cup final
17th April 2022

NewsLiverpool to face Chelsea in FA Cup finalLiverpool will face Chelsea in the Emirates FA Cup final at Wembley on Saturday May 14.

Read on as Liverpoolfc.com sat down with Jota to preview the clash with Ralf Rangnick’s United…

On another ‘big’ meeting with United...

Yeah, another big game. We know what it means to the fans, these kinds of classic games. It will be very tough for us and the first of seven finals that we have until the end of the season. So, [to] win is the only chance for us, even though it is not going to be easy to do that, so we need to be at our best.

On having fond memories of October’s 5-0 victory at Old Trafford...

That was a great day for us, for the fans, for everyone to remember for a while. But we cannot get distracted by that result, because it will be nonsense from our side if we think it is going to be easy, or something, because Man United is never going to be easy. I think we did a fantastic job that day at Old Trafford and we need to be next to that level if you want to grab another three points.

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On the switch in determination from January to close the gap to Man City in the title race...

We always want to win, but December is always a tough period when you play loads of games. Sometimes you don’t have enough time to rest, and we had some injuries as well, some sent off. It’s a hard period. You need to survive, of course. City got a little bit of an advantage in those periods, but then regroup and go again.

I remember Jürgen said that we were going on a mission to win every single game. At the time, I think it was [the] Brentford game, so we just grabbed three [points] after three after three. That’s what makes us close to the first place at this moment. Now, we need to wait for them to drop points again. We need to do our job, so that’s what we need to be focused on, because it is not easy to win seven Premier League games in a row.

On Klopp giving the players motivational talks throughout the season...

That’s what it means to have a world-class manager, like him. You can count on him to put you back on track and to say the right things at the right times. We know that we have not just the manager, but a squad that can do whatever he wants us to do. We will just push this last month-and-a-half to go for everything. I think we are able to do that.

On feeling like he has reached a new level with his own game this season...

What can I say? Obviously, when you play in Wolverhampton you fight for other kind of things. You don’t reach the final third as often as we do here, of course we have world-class players all around the pitch as well. That is always easier to be in the right place at the right time. So, I took advantage of all of those things. I’m just so happy I can be able to help the team in many different moments and I hope this can continue for a while.

On Luis Diaz’s impact since joining Liverpool...

I think it’s pretty much up to the player’s style. He just fits into the team, so that’s why he was a great signing from the club. The energy that he puts in every single moment is what we needed as well since January. He is just good for us, we know that we can rely on him to bring, every time that he walks on the pitch, such a high level of energy that is a characteristic of our team.

On looking forward to another Anfield atmosphere under the lights against United...

Our fans are obviously with us. This is a big part of the season, they are very excited, fighting for every single trophy. So, they are with us. It’s massive when we play at home to have them supporting - even away, they are always there. So, we [are] all together as a team, as a fanbase, we all go for everything, and I hope we can celebrate more trophies.

Published 18th April 2022


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