Alexis Mac Allister on Liverpool's pursuit of success: Togetherness, focus and depth

NewsAlexis Mac Allister on Liverpool's pursuit of success: Togetherness, focus and depth

By Glenn Price


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Alexis Mac Allister has explained how togetherness and focus can help Liverpool fulfil their lofty objectives this season.

A strong first half of the 2023-24 campaign sees the Reds find themselves in healthy positions in all four competitions they have entered.

Mac Allister believes the squad solely focusing on each hurdle as it comes and sticking together through any testing moments is the way to build on the platform established.

He told "I think everyone can see how good the people are in the group. Our relationship is very good and that helps a lot to achieve things.

"Of course we are halfway and we haven't won anything yet, so we have to go game by game, keep improving.

"Hopefully at the end of the season we can celebrate some trophies – that's the idea. But at the same time we know how far [away] it is, so we need to keep working.

"We have very experienced players, we have very good leaders, we have a group of young players that want to improve every single day – and you can see the mentality.

"We know that as a team we need to suffer sometimes and we need to defend sometimes, and from there we can do special things. That's the idea and that's what we try to do every single game."

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Several players from the club's Academy system have had to step up to senior action throughout the course of the season so far.

Mac Allister hailed the impact those youngsters have delivered at the AXA Training Centre and during their opportunities in matches.

He continued: "You can see in the [Arsenal] game – Conor [Bradley], Bobby [Clark] – players from the Academy are doing very well and that helped the team to grow every single day in training and in the games.

"We are missing players – like [Wataru] Endo, Mo [Salah], Robbo [Andy Robertson], Thiago [Alcantara], some important players – but the team is always there and the young players prove that they are ready, so that's what we need.

"In football you need a big group, a group of big players – and everyone is showing that. That's why we all think that we can achieve some big things. But as I say, we have to go step by step."



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