'After a few tries, I finally scored!' - Joel Matip on Anfield goal

Reaction'After a few tries, I finally scored!' - Joel Matip on Anfield goal

Published 23rd February 2022
By Sam Williams at Anfield

It was worth the wait for Joel Matip.

Liverpool 6-0 Leeds: Extended highlights

Liverpool’s No.32 finally crowned one of his line-breaking dribbles from the back with a goal on Wednesday night as he netted the Reds’ second in their 6-0 defeat of Leeds United at Anfield. 

“I went forward and Mo gave to me just a brilliant pass,” Matip recalled to Liverpoolfc.com post-match.

“I didn’t have to stop at all, I just could continue my run and it was the best pass. I didn’t have to think a lot because the ball directly came in front of me and I am happy that after a few tries, the ball finally goes in!”

Read the rest of our interview with the centre-back below…

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On how impressive the team performance was…

We know Leeds is always a hard challenge with the way they play and the quality they have, but we did it good over the 90 minutes and yeah, it was a wonderful night I would say.

On how Leeds present a unique challenge due to their style and philosophy…

Yeah, they have a really special kind of [way of] playing but it works for them and with the quality they have they are a threat for every team. It’s quite hard to get adjusted but if you use it right, you can also have success with it.

On his ability to carry the ball out from the back and whether he does it a lot in training…

I try to! Because sometimes I think it suits me and I think it’s also not too easy for the opposing team because they have to adjust, at one point somebody has to come to me and then another player is free. If it helps the team I think it’s not too bad.

Jürgen Klopp on 6-0 win, title race and Joel Matip's goal
23rd February 2022

Press conferenceJürgen Klopp on 6-0 win, title race and Joel Matip's goalJürgen Klopp was very happy with a performance that saw Liverpool learn from the opening 15 minutes to power to a 6-0 win over Leeds United.

On how much he is enjoying this season…

In a personal way it is good that I had no injuries so far. I hope it will stay like this and yeah, to play with this team, everybody is lifting each other up and it’s just great to play with the quality of these teammates. To be there on the pitch, to play for Liverpool, it’s just great.

On whether pre-season provided the basis for his injury-free campaign to date…

It started there. It was the base, we did it with the fitness team, with the medical team. They really take care [of us] but sometimes you have no influence on it and even before that we worked hard. But I am happy that I am fit now and hopefully it stays like this. 

On the upcoming Carabao Cup final…

Everybody is looking forward to this game. Chelsea, great team, Wembley, great stadium, and a great chance to win a trophy.

Published 23rd February 2022