Find out everything you need to know about matchdays, including important information regarding road closures, bus services, LFC's residents road closure access pass. You can also find out more information about the club's matchday improvements.

Behind Closed Doors - What can I expect?

Road Closures and Pedestrian Access

Following goverment guidance, games are currently being played at a reduced capacity, meaning a reduced traffic management plan in place to ensure the impact on the local community is minimal. ​

On matchdays the following road closure will be in place:​


  • Anfield Road is currently closed between Skerries Road and Alroy Road for service diversion works. Pedestrians will be diverted into Stanley Park via Dahlia Walk as an alternative route between Alroy Road and Arkles Lane. Appropriate wayfinding signage will be installed to help direct residents. LFC fan support and stewards will be on hand along the route. ​


  • Please be advised that there will be no public access to Paisley Square or 96 Avenue.​


  • Priory Road will be utilised as the drop off and collection area for cars and will be subject of a road closure with one-way access from Walton Lane.


  • Walton Breck Road will be closed for 90 minutes pre-match (14:30hrs – 16:00hrs) and 60 minutes post-match (17:30hrs – 18:30hrs).


  • Unlike previous matchdays, Anfield Road at Blessington Road and Sleepers Hill will remain open. However, we will have traffic management operatives in place to advise of the road closure ahead. 


  • Pedestrians may be required to wait for a short period of time to allow people to cross safely.​


  • Please be aware we may be required to close Dahlia Walk intermittently to allow for key workers attending the game to cross into the Stadium footprint from Stanley Car Park.

Bus Services

On matchdays there will be no bus diversions as Walton Breck Road will remain open. Should there be a need to close the road, services will be diverted accordingly.

You can find the latest timetables for services by clicking the links below:

Residents Access Pass

Please be advised that the Resident Access Pass will NOT be in operation for the remaining games of the season as a result of reduced road closures. Residents will be able to access the roads in the vicinity of the Stadium as usual other than Anfield Road which will remain closed.

Where to watch

If you are a Reds fan, you too can support the team by tuning in from home. You can also follow all the action on the clubs website