Auto Cup Scheme Terms and Conditions

11. Auto Cup Scheme

11.1 The Auto Cup Scheme is available to Season Ticket holders and Members during the advertised periods. The Auto Cup Scheme is only valid for Season 2017/18.

11.2 The Auto Cup Scheme is available for ALL HOME Domestic and European Cup matches played at Anfield during season 2017/18.

11.3 Supporters enrolled into the European Auto Cup Scheme will remain in the scheme for the duration of all European competitions, including the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League.

11.4 Seats are automatically allocated to scheme members.  Season Ticket cards will be activated if your usual Premier League match day seat is available.  In the event this is not possible, a paper ticket will be sent to you for the best available alternative.  Official Members will have their Member card activated for stadium access. Once you've registered in the Auto Cup Scheme, you'll remain in it for as long as the Club is involved in the competitions you have enlisted for.

11.5 In the event that the seat allocated to you via the ACS is subsequently required by the organising body or otherwise by the Club, we reserve the right to allocate you the best available alternative seat.

11.6 Due to the scheduling of competition draws, the amounts and/or dates of payments may vary, and in some circumstances we will not be able to notify you before payment is taken. However we will use our reasonable endeavours to notify your prior to payment where possible. 

11.7 Where possible the Club will endeavour to allow a short time period for supporters whose payments fail to purchase a seat independently.  Where this is not possible, details will be published here.

11.8 Members of the Auto Cup Scheme MUST advise the Club of any changes relating to their credit/debit card details, mobile number and email address. This includes change to card provider, change to validity dates or change of card numbers. Failure to do so will result in payment failures and the subsequent removal from the Auto Cup Scheme. 

11.9 It is the responsibility of the supporter to check before travelling to a home cup match that their payment has been successful and they have a ticket purchased. This can be checked by logging into My Account.

11.10 Withdrawal from the Auto Cup Scheme is subject to a written request being submitted to the Club and will take effect prior to the commencement of the sale to any relevant match after the receipt of such request.

11.11 The Auto Cup Scheme is subject to the Clubs standard refund policy, however, please note tickets returned for a refund will affect the Auto Cup Scheme Member's priority and result in removal from the scheme.

11.12 The Club reserves the right to limit the number of Members to the Auto Cup Scheme.

11.13 The Club reserves the right to cancel or suspend the Auto Cup Scheme without further notice.