Red Together

What happens if we don't accept other cultures?

Sometimes people with different cultural identities fail to understand each other which can lead to discrimination denying someone their rights because of who they are. This can be behaviour such as prejudice, racism, stereotyping or homophobia. People who are discriminated against may suffer from unemployment, lower wages, abuse, or violence because of their gender, race, religion, or sexuality.

Sadly, we have seen this behaviour within football recently and at Liverpool FC on occasion. If we don’t tackle this it can lead to conflict, and feelings of isolation or ill treatment.

At LFC we offer several channels for you to report your concerns:

  • On a match day You can report any such behaviour via text on 64446. Start your text with ‘LFC’.
  • Or you can raise your concerns with a member of staff or Merseyside police. Either option may allow us to take immediate action at the time/
  • Or you may report your concerns at a more convenient time to Liverpool FC direct by email to
  • You can also report social media abuse or any incident of discrimination by filling in our online form.

We will investigate all complaints and take action in accordance with club rules through our sanction process or other applicable policies.

If a crime has been committed, we will refer the matter to the police to investigate and prosecute.

Some people who have discriminated and/or committed a hate crime which has been investigated by LFC have received a ban for a number of games, a lifetime ban for Anfield, education sessions and even custodial sentences.

We ask that anyone visiting Anfield follows the below guidelines

  • Respect our staff and follow their instructions
  • Respect fellow fans and the opposition
  • Respect the match officials and their decisions
  • Respect the players and coaching staff on the pitch from both sides
  • Think twice before you do or say something that might get you into trouble
  • Look after yourself and do not place yourself or others in danger
  • Remember that alcohol and drugs can make you act differently, threaten your safety, and do things you wouldn’t normally do.
  • Look after your children and our older fans