Following feedback from a positive trial of a new ticket collection process for Liverpool's away game against Augsburg in 2016, the club will be progressing with a new collection process during the knockout stages of this season's Champions League.

The changes come as part of the club’s ongoing commitment to improving the way tickets are sold and allocated, and addressing some of the issues around ticket touting. 

Where conditions allow, up to 200 supporters per game will be selected at random to collect their tickets from a collection point in the host city. The selection process will take place once the sale has ended and supporters required to collect their ticket will be notified.  

The supporter collecting the ticket must be the supporter the ticket is registered to at the point of sale. 

All supporters collecting their ticket will be asked to provide the relevant identification on collection and if the ticket is not collected, the ticket purchase will be cancelled from the supporter’s record. 

Further information will be provided when the sales notice for the next Champions League away fixture is published.  

Please check here for updates and here for a list of Q&As.  

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