Liverpool FC has released information for fans and residents attending the Main Stand test events on Friday August 26 and Monday August 29.

The expanded Main Stand has a very different layout to the original building, which means fans heading to Anfield will need to plan their visit in advance.

Please note the following…

  • Check the turnstile that you will need to enter the Main Stand before you arrive. This will be clearly indicated on your ticket.
  • Turnstiles will open at 7pm on Friday August 26 and 2pm on Monday August 29. To view a map of Main Stand turnstiles, click here.
  • LFC fan support teams and stewards will be located at each turnstile to help you find the correct entrance.
  • To enter the turnstile, hold your ticket above the reader and wait for the green light. It will not be not possible to enter the test events without a ticket.
  • The club has added new electronic turnstiles, lifts and escalators to make it much easier for you to get to your seat.
  • Fans with seats in the Main Stand upper level should make their way to the ground level turnstiles S or W located at both the Kop and Anfield Road ends of the stand.
  • Fans with seats in the Main Stand lower level should make their way to turnstile T or V on the podium level. You can reach these turnstiles by three different stairs located at the centre of and either end of the podium.
  • On arrival fans should listen to all tannoy announcements and guidance issued by stewards and fan support teams.
  • Events will close promptly at 8.45pm and 4pm through a controlled and managed evacuation, which is part of the safety certification process. Fans will be guided towards exits by stewards as a rehearsal in preparation for the first home game.
  • Car parking spaces will be available at Stanley Park and Utting Avenue car parks. For more information, please click here.
  • Express bus service 917 direct to the city centre will be in operation on Monday August 29. Buses will depart from Walton Breck after the final whistle.
  • Fans can expect to see some construction workers in and around Anfield while we add the finishing touches to the Main Stand.

The events have been organised as part of the safety certification process, which ensures the stadium is ready to host the first home game of the season against Leicester City on Saturday September 10.

For more information and news about LFC’s Main Stand redevelopment, click here.

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