Steven Gerrard spoke of his delight at the news that Liverpool will officially expand the Main Stand of Anfield - and the captain insists he is relishing the added atmosphere that the developments will bring.

The club confirmed that construction will add around 8,500 additional seats to the ground, improving the Main Stand's capacity to over 20,000 while taking the overall number of supporters inside the famous old stadium to around 54,000.

Gerrard was on hand as the plans were unveiled at Anfield today, where he spoke of his fond memories of leading his beloved club out at their L4 home and outlined his excitement for the future.

Steven, today is such a momentous day in the club's history. As a captain and as a fan, how excited are you?

It's very exciting news that we have finally got around to extending Anfield. For me, it was all about staying at Anfield. As much as I like new stadiums, I'm more traditional and I like the old stadiums like the Camp Nou and places like this, where all the history and all the memories happen.


So many magical moments have been created here - how important is it that we create more?

We've just had our picture taken with a host of Liverpool legends and I grew up watching videos and I've got memories of them all playing and doing terrific things for this club. When I come here myself, I try to emulate stuff that they have done. There have been so many unbelievable nights and memories here, it would have been a shame to leave it all and for this to have become houses or apartments. Now that they are going to extend the stadium, it's going to become even bigger, better and noisier. Hopefully there are many more fantastic memories to come.

Is there one Anfield memory that stands out in your mind, either watching as a supporter or playing here as the captain?

I think personally, it would have to be the Olympiacos game or even the Chelsea victory with the so-called 'ghost goal'. From the outside, I think it would be difficult to pick one other memory because there's been so many from so many fantastic players and so many great sides. It's difficult to pick one. From my own point of view, it would probably be Olympiacos.

There will be an increased capacity - more fans coming in, more noise made. How exciting a prospect is that?

For teams to come here and play against a Liverpool side when the fans are in full voice and the team are playing well, it's probably one of the most difficult places to come to. I've heard opposition players say that at international level. So for that to become even more, it's going to become even more difficult for them.

What kind of motivation does that give the players?

I think it's fantastic. It's a lot easier when you're playing this game at the highest level when the supporters are with you and they are making noise. It gives you such an advantage. You feel great. It improves confidence and belief. For the young players growing up here, to come to Anfield and play in front of so many fans is going to be an unbelievable experience.