ReactionJürgen Klopp analyses 1-0 defeat against Salzburg

Published 27th July 2022
By Chris Shaw in Austria


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Jürgen Klopp explained the lessons Liverpool can learn from their pre-season defeat against Red Bull Salzburg in Austria.

The Reds were beaten 1-0 by the Austrian champions as Benjamin Sesko’s strike in the first half separated the sides, despite Klopp’s men creating several chances, particularly during the closing stages.

Post-match, the manager assessed his team’s efforts on the night at Red Bull Arena and detailed the improvements required defensively and offensively.

Read his chat with below…

Extended highlights: Salzburg 1-0 Liverpool

On getting a tough test on the night…

First half we made too many mistakes, which they could use. We had good moments as well, we could have scored obviously in the whole game like four or five goals at least. Didn’t do that because we were in the first half – if you want to talk about football – we were too open, we were too wide, we were not connected enough in moments when you lose the ball. Then everything is open, it’s like a motorway, and with their speed that’s how they had their chances, especially when you lose simple passes where nobody can react really. They scored their goal and the last half an hour was like a thunderstorm, we were really like a truck. But we didn’t finish the situations off. Obviously we should involve that in our game as well and then it will be fine.

We played the game out of full training. We had to make a lot of changes – that’s fine, I take that. But what I can say: it’s really at least average to lose a game. That’s why we were all animated in the last situation with the possible penalty. In the Premier League I go definitely in the stands for the things I thought and said! But that was it now for the rest of the season with complaining about that. But in that moment it was such a clear penalty; it would have been nice if you get a result for the effort.

Liverpool edged out in pre-season defeat at Salzburg
27th July 2022

Match reportLiverpool edged out in pre-season defeat at SalzburgLiverpool were beaten 1-0 by Red Bull Salzburg in Wednesday night's pre-season clash.

On the team doing everything but score and it not being played like a friendly…

No, for Salzburg it was definitely no friendly. For us not as well. Salzburg had these kind of harsh challenges, but they do really well; all respect to Salzburg, they do really well. Sometimes I didn’t like the challenges too much but it’s fine, nothing happened there I think. How I said, first half too many mistakes. We set the boys up and it’s all fine, they can do much better and they had good moments as well. But especially the first half, the majority of players have to get used to what we do. Darwin was much too often alone. Everybody dropped, everybody was involved in the build-up but too wide and we could only pass the ball to Darwin in the box. He had his moments and nearly scored, but he needs much more support around him. You keep other players busy that they cannot focus on him. So many things. Second half, imagine now Darwin would have been there in the box, that would have helped as well. It is like it is – doesn’t feel great, but we take it and go from here.

On the opportunity for young players to learn from the experience…

Yeah, it was not only the young players, we made it. All the boys can do much better, it’s not about that. We played in the first half against a team who might play Champions League, they have to qualify probably but they might play. And it’s a tough task for the line-up we chose. How I said, they do extremely well and we played in their cards. When you play football but you are not connected, you lose the ball, it means there’s always space to use for the counter-attack. And that’s what we gave them. And that’s what we have to learn. That’s what we know but in the first half maybe we didn’t know it good enough and that’s why we conceded the goal.

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Published 27th July 2022


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