In January, LFC invited fans to apply to sit on a new supporter consultation Committee. A 7-person panel was set up to review all 3,705 applications and we're delighted to unveil the first 12 candidates nominated to make up the inaugural Committee.

The Liverpool FC Supporters' Committee will consist of 18 fans who will represent all of the major stakeholder groups amongst our supporter base in meetings with senior Club officials.

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Click here to see the names of the first six nominated candidates>>Below are the names of the second six candidates who were nominated and the full, 100% unedited application letters on which they were judged by the panel. Stay tuned to this website for the unveiling of the other final six successful candidates later today.

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Representing General Admission Anfield attendees: Andrew Moran
Born: 1967
Lives: Kensington, Liverpool

Why I wanted to represent this group: I would put myself forward as a representative of fans who attend matches at Anfield through General Sale. I am currently one such fan. I have attended matches at Anfield this season. I am a life-long Liverpool supporter, currently 43 years of age. I have very much reached a point in life where I have both experience to give and the ability of common sense, both learned and natural, that I can apply. In addition, I formerly lived in L4, close to the ground. I have also supported the club when living in other parts of the UK; the South Coast and Scotland to be specific. I would therefore be able to bring my personal experience, knowledge and empathy of living both very close, and not at all close, to the football club I love and support. I have been in and out of work and know what it is like to live on benefits. I believe that this section of society is not only greatly demeaned and unfairly treated, but almost completely without any representation whatsoever, anywhere. I have experience of representing people and working with committees. I am a former civil servant and was at that time an active Trade Union member. As well as representing my office at "Whitley Council meetings" and staff under disciplinary action, I was a Branch official and had several roles over a few years, some of them at the same time; as President, Vice-President and Branch delegate to Conference. I was also my Office and Branch Health and Safety Representative. The above Trade Union work, as well as voluntary work in a Co-operative Development Agency and a Housing Co-op as a committee member and as a delegate to the Confederation of Co-operative Housing (CCH), as well as various work roles involving office meetings and conferences, mean that I am well used to committee work, minutes, reporting back and acting as a conduit for information. I am also a dab hand at producing documents and newsletters. I possess very strong IT user skills including DTP skills. Indeed, I was one-time primary editor of the CCH Bulletin, the aforementioned organisation's newsletter. I also produced a newsletter for my Trade Union branch. Finally, I have worked (in Scotland) as an event steward at football matches. Yes - that means at Old Firm matches, although I was Edinburgh based, and mostly worked at Hearts and Hibs, as well as at Murrayfield and Hampden. As well as having a few stories to tell, I believe this experience would be of use to the committee. To summarise: 1. I am a current season attendee of home matches; 2. I am a life-long Liverpool supporter; 3. I formerly lived in L4, near the ground; 4. I have lived in other parts of the UK and supported from a distance; 5. I have experience of representing people; 6. I have experience of committee work; 7. I have experience in providing and disseminating information; 8. I have experience of being an event steward at football matches.

Representing LFC Official Supporters Clubs: Tore Hansen
Born: 1967
Lives: Farsund, Norway

Why I wanted to represent this group: I have ticked the "Official Supporters Club" box because I have been involved with the Scandinavian / Norway Branch since 1984. Since 1985, I traveled regularly to Anfield and our Supporters' Club has over 36,000 paying members. I am 43 years old, married, two children and has experience from the airlines industry and the media. Norway and Scandinavia has a unique passion for Liverpool FC as you know, and when such a committee is formed, we also want to contribute with our experience and expertise in terms of how satisfied people are today with the club's offer, which values we believe represents LFC, but perhaps most importantly, what our members want in the years to come. I have over the years met with representatives from the club on several levels and have experienced how the club has evolved. We feel we have much to contribute and will be of great interest to be working in such a committee to create a good, solid platform for understanding the needs and wants LFC should facilitate in relation to some of the difficulties visitors experience. Similarly, we also know a lot about the needs of those who may never travel, or maybe just travel to Anfield only once in lifetime. It is not true - what Everton supporters think, that everyone in Norway travels to Liverpool twice a month ;-) I actually work for the Supporter Club over here full time - and I might mention that our website - - has three times as many unique users as the most popular football club in Norway, Rosenborg. LFC, as I previously explained, have a strong and unique following - it is actually not possible to explain why.... Let's be honest - the last few years have been tough for LFC, both on and off the field. With new ownership and, not least with Kenny Dalglish back, LFC have a unique opportunity to get this great club back where it belongs. To do so is entirely dependent on LFC to closely with us supporters. The modern LFC was created by Bill Shankly and the way he communicated with the fans was very special. That is why many of us are Liverpool supporters today - because of its personalities and philosophy. The club and city has such a special spirit and energy - and now we can do it all again! LFC has a fantastic opportunity to get back to their roots - but with a modern approach and in a modern "package". Much good work has actually been made in recent years - fortunately independent of the club's ownership, and as we see it today there is a good platform in place already, but still work to be done.

Representing All Red Members: Jonathan Hooks
Born: 1975
Lives: Salford

Why I wanted to represent this group: I've been an all red member since its inception. Also from a personal perspective I've lived throughout the UK and the US over the last 15 years. I've now settled in Manchester of all places. But would be available to attend any meetings or activities if the committee required me . Through this experience I've met Liverpool fans from all backgrounds and believe I'd be a good representative of your average Liverpool fan using the membership scheme and also what might appeal to my fellow fans. I've been in a full time professional job within Telecoms for 15 years and would also approach the committee membership with a professional but friendly and open manner. I believe the all red membership has vastly improved the ease of obtaining and the availability of home match tickets to fans. The friends and family option is a great way for fans to ensure they get multiple tickets to matches and can enjoy the match sitting together. However I think the membership should be expanded beyond what is in essence a ticketing system today. Some ideas I have include: Enhance the website to include: a travel forum or request page were fans share transport to and from matches, A section for the junior members, a photo's section where members can post pictures of their day at a match etc. Exclusive offers from Liverpools official sponsors to all red members, I'm sure this could be rewarding for everyone involved, the club, the fans and the sponsors themselves. All Red Membership Fan Days - Similar to the fan expo's they have in the states. A weekend event during pre-season where fans get to meet past and current players. Perhaps sneak previews of new merchandise and shirts to be released. With of course the change to purchase items and maybe have some exclusive items just for the expo. Regular prizes for all red members to also include for every allocation of tickets to all red members, keep back 2 tickets for the match and award via a lottery. In summary, I'm a lifelong Liverpool fan, who would love the chance to represent my fellow fans on the LFC Supporters Committee, I've a real passion for anything I put my heart and soul into and this would be such an endeavour. The most rewarding part of being on the LFC supporters committee would be to work with the club to improve its relationship with the fans and also the experience the fans get from every aspect of the club they all love. YNWA and Best Regards, Jonathan Hooks

Representing Corporate fans: Laurence Whitehead
Born: 1966
Lives: Milton Keynes

Why I wanted to represent this group: I am very keen to become the Corporate Fan on the Committee so that I can offer my professional experience first and foremost, although I would also like my personal passion and love for the club to be considered (see later). As well as feeling that I can add real value to the Committee from a professional perspective, I would also welcome the opportunity to give something back to an institution which has over the years given me so much pleasure. I take great pride in being a fan of such a great club. From a corporate perspective, I am a partner in one of the UK's leading accounting and business advisory firms. I am a chartered accountant and head up the firm's corporate finance division, responsible for providing advice to corporate clients on the raising of finance for companies, the buying and selling of businesses, share valuations and strategic planning. I have been recognised several times for my expertise in my field (happy to provide more details). I am also a member of the Corporate Finance Faculty of the ICAEW. I would love the opportunity to make a genuine contribution to the Committee and to add real value in my capacity as a professionally qualified person who has a great passion for our great club and who is also actively involved in the world of finance and corporate activities. My goal is to mix my personal love for the club with my experience of working for many years in a senior corporate environment. From a personal perspective, not only was I born only 50 yards from our famous Kop (24 Tinsley Street), I also had a season ticket in the Kemlyn Road stand and later in the Kop from the age of 11 to 18 (August 1977 to May 1984). In addition, my dad and brother were semi and apprentice professionals respectively at the club. In September 1984 I went to university, studying German and Russian, and then lived overseas for several years before settling back in Milton Keynes with my wife. Since then I have avidly continued to follow the club and still watch as many matches as possible. I have used the Corporate Hospitality Services on a number of occasions - both as inviter and as invitee. LFCTV is my favourite TV channel by far. After my wife and two sons, LFC is the one thing about which I am totally passionate - as my family and friends would confirm! It would be a great honour for me to be considered for the Corporate Fan position on the Committee and I hope that my personal and professional credentials are what you are looking for - a blend of love and passion for the club, born in Anfield and with a strong corporate background. Please do feel free to call or email me if you have any further questions. I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks for considering my application.

Representing Away game attending supporters: Les Wright
Born: 1964
Lives: Waterloo, Liverpool

Why I wanted to represent this group: I started following liverpool in 1971 and have been a season ticket holder since 1984. Attended Paris EC final as first European Away, and will fly to Prague in Feb 2011 to attend my 55th European Away tie. I regularly attend domestic away games and would be known by most of the two groups above. I first became known by the club officials in 2005 when it became apparent that insufficient safety advise had been provided by the club to those travelling independently to Juventus away. I dealt directly with Bryce Morrison who listened and acted by posting relevant info on the club website. At this match we witnessed the worst pre match violence since Heysel. Designated areas, an alcohol ban and free coaches for our fans were organised through the dialogue with Bryce. Not one of our fans were injured on a night of extreme violence in Turin. In the years preceeding 2005 i provided a fans perspective at all Liverpool away games and was the fan in the stand for 2 seasons for Radio City. Over the last two seasons i have acted as an advisor to the club regarding certain issues. I personally emailed Ian Ayre to persuade him not to abolish the fan loyalty for this season. He listened to my views and re-instated the fancard loyalty for away games. The starkest recent event involving myself and Lfc was my report to Ian Ayre on the night our 2 fans were stabbed and assulted in Naples. I gave the club names and details of those injured. I also arranged a meeting between senior club officials and the injured parties to resolve areas of discontent. I personally persuaded the lads not to talk to the national press until they had met with the club and a resolution was achieved. During my association with the club, i have been involved in different areas of media directly relating to Liverpool FC. I write occasionally for a fanzine called Red all over the Land, and had a four page feature article written about me for the Swedish eqivalent of "The Observer" My "coup de grace" was seeing an unrelated article on David Beckam at the bottom of my fourth page!! Moving to more recent times i am an occasional guest on LFCTV and have been on twice this season. I also receive corporate invitations to fly with the team to European Away Games. and have done so over the last 4 years, but choose to use this as a treat rather than the norm. My company (supply chain solution ltd), are members of The Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, actively supports the 23 foundation and Marina Dalglish charities through attendance at Gala Dinners and donations etc I believe i have all the right attributes to fulfil this role as a fans & club ambassador. I have proved that i can represent both the fans and the clubs interests whilst remaining an inclusive and respected part of the process. I assure you of my best attention at all times. Les Wright

Representing Family Supporters: Janet Brown OBE
Born: 1955
Lives: Childwall, Liverpool

Why I wanted to represent this group: I have supported Liverpool for more years than I care to remember, and as I have moved through life have gone from going to most matches when single, to bringing my children when I could afford and watching the TV when I could not (they are now all Liverpool fans in their own right) to being able to go to more matches with friends and family , and now as circumstance have changed with circumstances and the difficulty of my own disability and the additional challenges of bringing my twin 7 year old twin granddaughters (who live with me) and my oldest daughter who has learning difficulties . I have had a career as a police officer for over 20 years , and am school governor. I am interested in how Liverpool FC can work not only as a beacon for our great city, (especially at the moment) provide the most amazing entertainment but truly reach out into the community as I think the club has an even greater potential to do. I think that greater inclusion of family and disabled people who follow or would like to follow LFC as well as working with the community on many different levels is key to this if we are going to build for the next generation, and make Liverpool FC the true heart of Liverpool. I would bring not only my experience as a supporter, and a Scouse, a mother nana and someone like many others who has developed a disability, but also the mother of a young woman who has had lifelong learning difficulties. I also have many years of experience at local and government level both the UK and abroad focused problem solving in the community, partnership working, working with large organisations, and reducing alcohol related harm and using social norms in the community. I am an honoury lecturer for Liverpool John Moores University, and an honoury fellow of The University of Montana both of whom I have worked with for a number of years on a variety of projects. I am on the World Health Organisation panel of experts for prevention of alcohol related injury , member of the Institute of Licensing and have worked with a number of national organisations and government organisations including Home Office and Cabernet Office, where I have worked on policy and have written and developed national programs as well as having lectured on best practice both here and abroad. I worked with the mayor of Chicago office in Chicago on better management of the night time economy there a number of times from 2004-2006 I was awarded an OBE for my work in 2005 and would love to use my experience to help the football club I love.

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Liverpool Football Club would like to thank all 3,705 supporters who took the time to apply for a role on the committee. Every application was read by the selection panel and your support for this process was very much appreciated.

Stay tuned to the website for details about when the first meeting of the Liverpool FC Supporters' Committee will take place.


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