Dani Pacheco is back after a loan spell helping Norwich City win promotion to the Barclays Premier League - and he granted his first interview since returning to us.

Here he speaks about what he learned at Carrow Road, his ambitions at Liverpool and why a couple of weeks ago he had to stand on a chair and sing La Bamba.

Fair to say you enjoyed your time at Norwich...

Yes, I did. I think it was a great time to be there, you know - great to be part of the team. We got the promotion so it was nice to be there.

You went on an open top bus tour - what was that like?

It was a great day - obviously all the fans went crazy on the road. We got to see how happy they were and how they support the team.

Have you thought about doing that with Liverpool one day?

Hopefully. That's a dream to win a title with Liverpool one day and to be on the bus and on the road.

And you did a bit of singing while you were at Norwich as well - what was that all about?

Well, yes. When you come to the team they ask you to make a scene for a laugh. So when they asked me, I couldn't say no. So I tried to go for La Bamba. It was quite easy for me and they all followed me so it was a funny moment. Something to remember.

And you had to stand on a chair to do it?

Yes, I stood on the chair in the dinner room, everyone was clapping and they were laughing and it was good.

Will Norwich be a team you look out for in the future?

Definitely. I had a great time there. I was there for two months only but everyone looked after me at the club. They really appreciate the way I am and I will always look out for them.

What did you learn in terms of your development?

Well I think it was nice experience for me to play in the Championship at a high level. It was physical and there was pressure to win because they were going for promotion. I think it will really help me.

So you come back to Liverpool a better player?

I was there for just two months but I think I've come back with more experience, experience to play under pressure and play with older and more physical players, so that definitely makes me feel better.

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Presumably you were staying at a hotel - has your time away helped you mature as a person as well?

I left my home in Spain quite young so I already had that, but yes, of course. There were a few of the boys with me in the same hotel and we spent time together.

And you decided to join Twitter too - why?

I remember we were in Swansea for an away game. We had a lot of time in the hotel, so it was boring, and I decided to join Twitter to follow people and talk with my friends and fans.

Liverpool fans have shown you great support on there, haven't they?

Yes, definitely. They've been looking after me at every game and trying to find out how I was doing and I really appreciate that.

You've been tweeting about Luis Suarez - fair to say you've been impressed with him?

Yes, I've been impressed since he came and maybe before because I knew him before he came here as a player. He's great. Everybody can see. Look how Stevie (Gerrard) talked about him last week on Sky - and everybody else can see he's a top, top player too. 

What do you like most about him as a player?

Everything. Every time with the ball, when he gets the ball, he goes forward and goes past players so easily. When he hasn't got the ball he's working so hard to get it back and push the team forward. It's great.

What does the future hold - do you believe you can play a big part for Liverpool?

I hope so. I still have three years of my contract I signed in December. I try to do my best with training every day. I have been training hard to impress the staff and hopefully my time will come next season.

If you could decide where to play in the team, where would it be?

I always like to play behind the striker but obviously when you are 20-years-old you cannot decide where you want to play. You just want to get on the pitch wherever the manager decides to play you.

Any areas of your game you still feel you can improve?

Yes, everything. I think every player can be improving every day especially when you're only 20-years-old. I need to get a bit stronger and sometimes make better decisions with the ball.

What have you made of Liverpool's form and results since you've been away?

They've been brilliant, everyone. The way they've been moving the ball around and beating Man City at home or Fulham away. They've been working very hard and they have their confidence. Maxi has been on fire, Lucas has been playing really well and Jay Spearing is doing brilliant. You know everybody is doing really well.

Can you believe we've still got a chance of qualifying for Europe after the start we had to the season?

It's difficult to believe but we deserve to be there. The players have worked really hard and got the results.

As well as being good for the club, qualifying for the Europa League is good for young players like you, isn't it - more potential chances?

Yes, more games for the club and obviously for the young players it's a time to have more chances.

Looking at the way Jay Spearing and Martin Kelly and John Flanagan have broken into the first team - does that give you hope that you can do the same?

Yes, of course. They're around my age, so that helps. It's saying that if you work hard and do well in training, you get the chance, and if you get the chance, you have to take it.

You must be pleased for Jay - you and him played a lot together in the reserves?

Jay's been working very hard since I came. He's a very nice lad in the changing room. He's been working very hard for the reserves for many, many seasons. He went on loan and when he got back he got the chance and he's really taken it.

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