Jordan Henderson has stated that Liverpool’s squad are committed to delivering for fans who must make the sacrifice of not being at Anfield tonight.

The Reds’ restarted Premier League season continues against Crystal Palace in L4 on Wednesday in what will be their first home game behind closed doors.

And Henderson has insisted that he and his teammates are determined to reward their supporters, who will be watching from home across the globe.

“I want to start by saying I hope all of you reading this are healthy and safe, as are the people in your lives who matter most,” writes the captain, in his matchday programme notes.

“It seems so strange to begin a column in a football programme with those sort of words, but it is a reflection of where we find ourselves at the moment.

“Since I last wrote for a home game at Anfield, so much has happened in the world. It is great to again have the opportunity to do this because it means football is back, but it returns in very different circumstances and against the backdrop of a virus that has had an impact on everyone in the world.

“We know we are fortunate that we are allowed to resume playing and all players will understand we have to show the people watching from home that we appreciate this opportunity.

“Of course we all want the fans back as soon as possible, because they make the game what it is. But the fans haven’t disappeared – they’re just somewhere else. They still watch and they still support.

“I really hope the amount of games we play with the seats empty is kept to the lowest number possible, but in the meantime it is not an excuse for less effort and commitment – if anything, it’s the opposite. We have to embrace the responsibility of delivering for them, because we have a chance to be in the stadium today and they don’t.

“We have been very strong in encouraging supporters to put their health and that of others first. For the moment, that means supporting us from home.

“Liverpool fans, and in fact the overwhelming majority of football supporters, didn't need a message – they already knew this. The idea that fans of our sport are somehow less responsible than everyone else makes no sense. But the message is there for all of us – players and supporters – to abide by, and we will do so.”

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