Jürgen Klopp has discussed Steven Gerrard's coaching future.

At his pre-match press conference on Friday, the Liverpool manager was asked about the possibility of the U18s boss taking up a role at another club.

“I’m not worried because, if – and a big if – something would happen, it was always clear that Steven is, was and will always be a Liverpool legend,” said Klopp.

“So whatever he wants to do, we support him in that. It’s as easy as that. But there is no decision. I don’t even know what the situation is at the moment. But nobody told me there is any decision.

“I can imagine that clubs are interested in signing Stevie – [he has] massive experience as a player and now a year as a manager. I would think about him as well if I owned a club. That’s pretty normal.

“One day it will happen, either here or somewhere else. It’s his decision – he’s old enough to decide things like that. The only thing I can say is that we would support him in all directions.”

He continued: “The relationship and the work together with Steven is brilliant, fantastic. How you can imagine, I would have loved to have worked together with him as a player – but I was a little bit late for that.

“When we met in the first moment we had a good first chat and from then it developed really brilliantly. He wanted to learn, he learned. He wanted to do the job, he did the job.

“As a Liverpool youth coach you have a bunch of good players around, it’s not that you have to tell them everything about football. It’s a really good start and he used the time.

“So if he thinks he’s ready, he’s ready. That’s how it is.

“He had a very, very good period in the first part of the season when all the players were there. Then we started giving players on loan, which led to the situation that other players came into our squad. That’s not the nicest part for a youth coach and I can imagine he will not miss that; you want to make a line-up and the first-team coach tells you, ‘Yes, it’s a good idea but I need three of them’ and they’re probably not the worst players in the squad. That doesn’t make life easier. He had that difficult part of the season and it was quite quick learning – and he did.

“If he wants to do something different – a really big if – we would be completely happy for him and support him. As long as he’s not the Everton or Manchester United manager, we would still help him if he has questions! There’s absolutely no doubt about that.”