Jordan Henderson has explained why Liverpool are ignoring any praise or plaudits that are coming their way for their recent form as they aim to finish 2017-18 in style.

The Reds take on Newcastle United at Anfield today on the back of a three-match winning streak, during which they’ve scored 11 goals.

However, Henderson insists they’re taking no notice of any praise that comes their way – and won’t allow any complacency to creep into their game.

He wrote in ‘This is Anfield’: “There are no mismatches in the Premier League. It’s always heavyweight v heavyweight and the team that drops their guard, even for a second, gets punished. It’s why the gaffer is so big on us keeping our focus and staying hungry for each and every game.

“In fairness to the lads, they haven’t needed reminding. If you were in our dressing room last weekend at full-time there was no back-slapping or grandstanding. Everyone was instantly thinking of playing Newcastle today and knowing that the scoreboard returns to 0-0 and there’s a fight that has to be won.

“I think our recent performances and subsequent results have shown what happens when you keep doing the right things, work as hard as you can, stay positive and execute a plan. People focus on the fact we’ve won games by big margins, but the games have been far from one-sided.

“West Ham had some brilliant chances at 0-0. So did Porto, for that matter, and I could mention other games we’ve played that have been similar. The second we ease off, even one per cent, we’ll get punished – we all know that in the dressing room. If we take anything for granted, at any stage, we’ll come up short. If we underestimate an opponent, it’ll come back to haunt us. That’s our attitude from here on in – as individuals and as a team.

“All the praise and all the plaudits count for nothing at this stage of a season. It’s possible to have belief and confidence, without complacency. That’s where we are as a team and I know the supporters see that as well.”

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