Jürgen Klopp has revealed that Liverpool are out to 'clarify something' when they face Manchester City at Anfield on Sunday.

The Reds suffered a 5-0 defeat in the reverse fixture back in September, with Sadio Mane's first-half red card arguably the turning point in what had been a tight contest up until then.

And, while Pep Guardiola's men have since established a hefty lead at the top of the Premier League, Klopp views the weekend's game as a chance to show the gap between the two sides is not so great.

He told reporters: "In a football way, I think we should try to clarify something. 

"They play a fantastic season, our season is not too bad, but in a game like this you need to show that you can cause them problems, more problems than other teams can, make their life difficult and try to win. 

"It's Anfield, that's another thing that we should show. I'm really looking forward to the game, to be honest. 

"In sports, that's why you play twice against each other - sometimes you get an opportunity to put things right. 

"[The 5-0 defeat] was not a nice day in the season, to be honest, so to try and draw another picture, I think that would make sense and will be one part of our motivation, but if that's the only one then we don't have a chance anyway."

City have avoided defeat in the 22 league fixtures they have contested thus far this season, while just two of those have ended in draws.

Klopp paid tribute to the sheer quality Sunday's visitors possess, admitting his players will have to be at their best defensively.

He added: "The biggest strength of Manchester City is their tactical discipline. 

"What they do, they do, and they do it again and do it again and do it again, that's how it is [in terms of] offensive tactics plus defensive counter-pressing. 

"What they do, they do fantastic, but the good thing is it's not completely unpredictable. 

"The positions are clear, the only problem is, in each position, they have a world-class player who will do the best he can. 

"But it's not like the ball is here and the next second it's there, so you can defend it, but it's really difficult. 

"What they do, they do on an incredibly high level. David Silva and Kevin de Bruyne, having Ilkay Gundogan to give one or the other a rest, that's - wow - quality. 

"They enjoy what they are doing and have the confidence that you have when you are 16 points up, so that makes them quite a nice football team."

But, while the German is full of admiration for Guardiola's team, he doesn't want Liverpool to show too much respect this weekend.

He continued: "It's interesting to play against them, they play really good and if you don’t respect that then you have a problem. 

"But then if you then are not brave in the things you do, you have another problem. 

"You need to really show up in a game like this, otherwise if you try to react a little bit on what they do, you will lose [unless] they shoot own goals and maybe we should not hope for that. 

"We need to show up, that’s how it is."