Jürgen Klopp has promised that his starting XI to face Everton tomorrow will reflect both the esteem in which he holds the FA Cup and a desire to win silverware that is equal to Liverpool's supporters.

The Reds begin their bid to win the world's oldest cup competition with a home third round tie against their rivals from across Stanley Park on Friday evening.

Last season, a combination of injuries and fixture pile-up worsened by a two-legged League Cup semi-final meant the manager was forced to make significant changes to his team in this tournament.

However, with fewer fixtures and a largely healthy squad at his disposal thistime  around, Klopp has vowed to go as strong as possible with his selection.

"The line-up will be a line-up which shows all the respect we have for the FA Cup," he told reporters.

"I know that a few people have said that I don’t respect cup competitions or something like that but that's actually not the truth. 

"Maybe we have to make it a little bit more obvious."

The Anfield trophy cabinet has not been added to since 2012, when Kenny Dalglish oversaw victory in the League Cup final.

Klopp has twice gone close - reaching the final of both the aforementioned competition and the Europa League - and insists he is just as keen as any fan to end the drought.

"It's not that you can dream every day the dream of winning silverware," he added.

"You know you want to have it and we all know how desperate our supporters are to get something - they can believe me that we have exactly the [same] mood. 

"We are exactly as greedy on things like that as they all are. But we have to prove it on the pitch, I cannot win the FA Cup in the press conference, so we have to be really good in the games. 

"That's first of all and if we go through their awaits another top team and then another and so that's how it is. We need to be ready always. 

"It doesn’t help if you make it too big in front of a game because that we have pressure is a fact but it's not allowed to feel it all of the time, you have to use it much more. 

"We have to use the quality of our players, we have to use the quality of the squad to be successful at the end. I think we are on a good way but we have to prove it every day."

The boss was at pains, though, to point out that his team have a long journey ahead of them before they clinch a cup - one that starts against the Toffees tomorrow.

He continued: "This is a very big opportunity and that means we are really spot on, we really want to go [forward], we know about the importance, that's all clear. 

"But there is an opponent as well, probably with similar targets, and we have to respect that first. 

"To talk about winning something before you play the first round sounds already a little bit disrespectful. 

"We know that it will be a tough game but for Everton as well [and] that’s the most important news, maybe. 

"We will try everything to go to the next round, that's all what we are thinking about."