Jürgen Klopp has praised Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain's desire to quickly adapt to a new tactical approach since his summer move to Liverpool.

The deadline-day signing from Arsenal made just one start in his first two months with the club but has featured in starting line-up for the last two games - convincing wins over Maribor and West Ham United.

Oxlade-Chamberlain notched his second goal for the Reds in the latter fixture, finishing off a Roberto Firmino-led counter-attack at the second attempt.

And Klopp has been delighted with the early contributions of a player who he believes has shown the perfect attitude since arriving at Melwood.

“It was very intense for him, completely different to the things that he is used to,” the manager said.

“He did really well. I know for these offensive skilled players, how difficult it is for them, to have me all the time shouting. In the first half [at West Ham] when he was on the other side, it wasn’t good for my voice.

“I just like this player because he is already experienced but he is so open to get used to what we do and that is really nice.

“He needs to get used to the intensity that we ask. It’s not that Arsenal didn’t, they play fantastic football. But we are really on it with these counter-pressing things and the switch immediately to make the break.

“The problem is that we are all used to it and if you are not used to it, and you defend differently and you drop when they get the ball, that is a different thing.

“He knew when he came and we signed him that this will happen and we would ask for this and it is nice.

“But a lot of players are like ‘yeah, yeah, yeah, I want’ and he is like ‘what do you want from me?’ and he reacts. He will be a really important player for us.”