Jürgen Klopp has praised the ‘very, very good decision’ that means Liverpool’s match against Arsenal will be played on December 22 rather than Christmas Eve.

It was confirmed on Thursday that the Reds’ trip to Emirates Stadium has been rescheduled for live broadcast on Sky Sports three days before Christmas, as opposed to December 24.

The club welcomed the announcement and Klopp echoed that stance in Friday’s press conference to preview this weekend’s match against Tottenham Hotspur.

“To be honest I don’t know when it happened last time that somebody could take something but didn’t take it because of common sense. Sky, thank you,” said the boss.

“I don’t know when I heard it last, usually it’s ‘I can get it so I take it’, that’s how it is, that’s how the world looks a little bit in this moment.

“I thought it’s a very, very good decision, especially for the fans. That’s number one, because it’s still difficult, and we’ll do everything we can from the club side that we can bring our fans down on a Friday night, at least back from London, because that could obviously be a little bit difficult. 

“But it’s a very good sign, because I said a few times [that] we respect all the contracts the Premier League and the clubs signed, but it’s still the players who decide how nice the thing is, how nice the game is, and when they can never rest then it’s a problem. 

“But if they can have now more rest, we only have one day football off in the year, and I think that should be OK for most of the people.”