Liverpool will take to the field for the final time in 2016-17 today with the overriding message of 'finish the job' in their minds, reveals Jürgen Klopp.

The Reds will clinch a top-four finish with victory over Middlesbrough at Anfield this afternoon - and the manager is confident they can achieve it.

Klopp writes in his programme notes for ‘This is Anfield’: “There is one overriding message today: finish the job. When you see a finish line you should sprint. That is what we intend to do. Nothing is concluded. Nothing is guaranteed. Nothing assumed. We know what’s at stake and what is needed to achieve it.

“Last week, at full-time against West Ham, I walked into a dressing room not celebrating but already talking about the importance of today’s game. All the players and staff were already focused on what this game today would mean for us. The focus was on the job to do, not what might be. I really loved this attitude.

“Of course today matters - really matters. Does that mean there is pressure? Maybe, but this is what we all want and want for seasons to come. The right sort of pressure. Pressure to achieve. Pressure to win. That is the pressure top players at top clubs embrace. I know ours have done and will do.

“These players have the attitude, character and talent to do what is required. Not just today but for the challenges of the future also. They are a group who believe in themselves. They are a group who show honesty and a desire to get better each and every day. I trust them completely.

“Here’s what is an absolute certainty today: we will have to be at our best to win.”

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