Life at Liverpool has exceeded all of Jürgen Klopp's expectations.

The German has yet to clock up 18 months in charge at Anfield, but has already overseen countless moments that fans will never forget.

After taking the club to two cup finals in his first campaign, Klopp is currently leading the charge for a return to the Champions League.

And, speaking to Sky Sports, the former Borussia Dortmund coach admitted he could have few complaints about how things have gone so far.

"It's a fantastic club, it's actually better than I could imagine before I came here," he said.

"I spoke to Antonio Conte a few weeks ago before the game [against Chelsea] and he said, 'How is it?' I said: 'Everything perfect apart from the points!' 

"We could have a few more but really enjoy it here."

It is not just professional progress that has pleased Klopp, either.

The 49-year-old has been pleasantly surprised by what the city he now calls home has to offer.

"I didn't think too much about the city of Liverpool before, I knew the club obviously but I didn't think about the city," he added.

"That's much better than I thought. All cities in the world have an image, I'm not sure if Liverpool's is the best in the world. 

"But [if you] were never here, please come here and visit this city, it's really nice! Especially the surroundings - we live close to the sea."

Of course, Klopp's satisfaction at Anfield has not cause him to lose sight of his main target at the club.

And he believes he has the full backing of the supporters as he aims to turn the Reds into an unstoppable force.

He continued: "Is it important how long [since] you won something? Or how much you want something?

"There are a lot fans who were not alive when we won the last title, my job is to make it more likely. 

"I said it before, we cannot have this fantastic history of this fantastic club in our backpack and carry it around, it makes no sense. 

"There's pressure, yes, and sometimes we are maybe still not patient enough. In January/February you could feel everybody thought, 'it slips - again - through our fingers'. But it wasn't again, it was the first time for us, and that's different. 

"I feel the maximum support of all the people around, especially of the fans. Supporters still think I'm the right person in the right place, so we feel this trust and faith, and we have to use it. 

"Around us is a lot of quality and we need to respect this. Because we want it more or [for longer], doesn't make it more likely. We have to do it better, and that's what we're working on."