The players making an impact on Liverpool’s excellent start to the season have received plaudits from far and wide in recent weeks – but Jordan Henderson has highlighted the contributions two summer additions to the backroom team have made.

The Reds recruited Andreas Kornmayer from Bayern Munich as head of fitness and conditioning, while Mona Nemmer also arrived from the German champions to be appointed as the club’s head of nutrition.

Henderson believes the Liverpool squad have benefited from the expertise of both new additions to the staff at Melwood.

On Kornmayer, who has been working with the players since the first day of pre-season, the captain said: “He’s been brilliant. He’s really come in and put his own stamp on what he wants to do and what the manager wants from the players.

“The lads get on very well with him, he’s got a good relationship with all the lads, and he works us very hard, which is good. We’ve got a great bunch of lads that want to work, so that makes it easier for him, but the things he’s done have definitely put us in good condition, as you can see out on the pitch in the performances and energy levels we’ve had.

“I feel very good at the moment, probably the best I’ve felt in years really in terms of my fitness and just in general.

“I think that’s the same as everyone – we’re feeling good as a team, very fit, and I think a lot of that is down to pre-season and the base we had, and we’ve built on that over the first few weeks of the season and we continue to do that in training.

“We’re all looking good, we’re all looking healthy and fit, and that’s a big thing.”

Meanwhile, Henderson was also eager to lavish praise on Nemmer, whom he believes has added even greater emphasis on the benefits of making sure players take on the correct nutrition both before and after matches and training sessions.

He added: “We all ate well anyway – as professionals you need to make sure your diet is good. But since Mona come in, I think it has gone to another level – the food we’ve been having is unbelievable.

“In pre-season, I couldn’t believe it – we’re getting a bit spoilt, actually. She’s been world-class, making sure we’re getting the right food in after games, the protein shakes we have… everything, everything is covered nutritionally.

“I’ve never seen anything like it since I’ve been involved in football in terms of the food we’re having. Everything seems to be done and checked off for us to go out at the weekend and perform.

“She varies it, it changes all the time. The food is always different – it’s the way it’s made, the way it’s prepared for us. The variation is the biggest thing for us because having the same things all the time can get a bit boring and nutritionally it isn’t good for you. It’s good for you to try different things. I think she’s introduced that brilliantly there.

“Nutrition is a massive part of football, it makes sure you’re healthy, fit and feeling good, and that’s definitely been a side we’ve improved massively on.”