Check out an extract from Jürgen Klopp's programme notes ahead of this afternoon's clash with Newcastle United at Anfield...

“The Merseyside derby win was another excellent outcome in what has been a series of good moments for us recently. After the game there was a lot of talk of ‘consistency’ and ‘momentum’ among the media. For me this is more a consequence of spending more time together, having more shared experiences and information together and learning about the way we want to approach each and every day in the training ground, as well as matches.

“The period when we had no ‘consistency’ was a period when we had a lot of injuries and the players we were selecting were having to play without rhythm. This doesn’t mean we are now in a period where everything is perfect – we are still very far away from this. We are still very early in the development and there is still much, much more we have to work on as a team and squad. 

“Wednesday night did have one notable point which is not a reason to be happy: the injury to Divock Origi.

“As I have said with other situations like this, the injury means opportunity for someone else to step forward and help the team and the club in the immediate fixtures that are coming. This was the same when we lost our captain Jordan Henderson and also Emre Can. Looking at the attitude of the players in the recent games I know everyone will do their best for LFC and their best for our supporters.”

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