Jürgen Klopp was delighted by the entirety of Liverpool's performance as his team dismantled Manchester City en route to a 3-0 victory at Anfield on Wednesday night.

Adam Lallana and James Milner scored in seven crucial minutes before the break, paving the way for a dominant display after half-time that was capped by a sweet Roberto Firmino finish.

It was a comprehensive response to the disappointment of losing the Capital One Cup final against City, with Klopp admitting this result must be the role model for his side.

Read on for a summary of the manager’s post-match press conference.

On his satisfaction with the performance…

I am very pleased, very satisfied with all of the 93 minutes. It was really good from the first second. We spoke about the final after the game, we spoke about this game tonight; it was very important we showed the reaction, that we are disappointed because of the final but not so disappointed that it could have an influence on the performance tonight in a negative way. The boys did brilliantly from the first second – they were very lively, very disciplined and very angry in a positive football way on each ball. The preparation of pressing situations was brilliant, the pressing situation itself was brilliant and the counter-pressing was good.

Then you have to score goals and that’s what we did tonight too. It makes life easier as a football player and goals at the right moment make it much easier. That’s what we did in the first half. Then we had a few minutes where we were too risky in our passing game and gave them the ball too easy, so we had to run. After 120 minutes [on Sunday], it is not too easy but we did it. The break was no problem for us tonight, it was good. In the second half, the team played really smartly, played football, played simply and quick and still created chances. It was a fantastic goal for 3-0 and the rest was absolutely good.

On whether tiredness was a factor for either team…

Being tired at this moment of the season is nothing to talk about. If you want, everybody could be. Not Leicester, but all the rest could be tired because of different tournaments and different reasons. Of course, Manchester City and my side have had the most matches in the season. But tonight it was more about a mental thing – we lost on Sunday and we had to show a reaction. We started extremely lively in this game, it was clear from the first second it would not be easy for City. With their quality, they can always win and always score decisive goals in the right moment, but tonight you could see it would be really difficult. They saw it too and they knew in the game, we can go and go and go because we were in a good moment and they were not in a good moment.

And the wind was a real issue tonight; you saw it in a few different situations. In the second half, if you are not in a good moment and you think about the wind, you think ‘come on, crosses like this’. We were completely concentrated tonight and for us, this has to be the role model. Many people will say we cannot always play like this – that’s not interesting. The only possibility to save energy in a football game is when you have the ball. If you play quick and safe and really simple, that’s the only moment when you can really save energy. That’s what we did second half very well; at the end of the first half, not that good. Then you have the energy to press and for the counter-pressing situations. I am too old to think from now on we’ll play like this all the time, but it was a very important sign for the boys. They saw that’s possible and it’s possible at Anfield too. I think everybody who watched the game tonight and loves Liverpool had a really good night and forgot for 93 minutes that we lost on Sunday. That’s cool.

On the individual performances of Liverpool’s players…

Adam is the best example of what I spoke about in the first half. His energy levels were a little bit less, but then in the second half it looked like in the first half he was warming up because then he really was outstanding and it was really good. There were so many brilliant individual performances. There was no bad player – that’s good, that’s really good that they all played really good. Emre Can, second game in a row in this performance, this role, was really good. Hendo’s reaction tonight was great. Millie strong against his former club for a second time – maybe he should always play against Manchester City! Kolo’s challenge against Aguero was really great. Flanno after 20-something months played so smart, so clever. First half, he showed his opponent that maybe they were friends a few months ago but not for tonight. Second half, he saved energy and was not too involved in offensive [play] – he was really smart, really clever. Simon Mignolet, in a game like this when you have not too much to do you have to stay concentrated, and that was really good.

On his reaction to Lallana’s goal…

I was surprised… he didn’t shoot too often until now! The first thing you have to do if you’re not satisfied with your scoring record is try to shoot more often in situations like this. I saw it on the television and it was a really good shot.

On Liverpool’s targets for the rest of the league season…

Take whatever you can get – that’s the target for the league. The most important moment of the season is now. All the things you prepare until now, all the points you collect until now, are only to give you the starting point. Now you have to go. The more you have, the better the starting point. We have not the best starting point but it’s good enough in this moment. We have to take what we can get, we have to stay angry, we have to strike back in each game for whatever reason we need. That’s how it is. We have only two tournaments left – that’s good news. Losing the final is big, it’s rubbish, but to only be in two tournaments is now really good. That’s what we have to use. We have brilliant games against Manchester United in the Europa League. Both teams are not in the worst moments, so that’s really exciting. And Crystal Palace next, then Southampton and so on. We have no points to waste and no time. Where it ends, I don’t know. Anything can happen. This is a difficult season for us, it was a difficult season, and now we have to show that we’ve learned in the first eight months of the season.

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