Jürgen Klopp previewed the Barclays Premier League clash away to Norwich City with a press conference at Melwood on Friday morning - here are four key points you may have missed.

The manager discussed ways of adding more goals to his team, the opposition, Belgian striker Christian Benteke and the need to be careful with young players following the 3-0 victory against Exeter City in the FA Cup third-round replay.

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On scoring more goals...

I’ve always said the creating of chances is the mother of goals. We have to create chances then the more often we are in the situation, the more often we have to take the right decision. That’s what we didn’t do often enough, that’s for sure. But that’s a little bit how it always is in football.

You need to have [a] more open view around the box and [in the] last third. Sometimes you can force it, you have to shoot, [then a] deflected ball and it’s a goal. It’s great but it’s of course a little coincidence, but sometimes you have to try this a lot.

In our situation we have a lot of [cases] if we would have been cooler with a more open view then we would have seen that there’s a player next to the six-yard box or something that could make an easy goal. These situations we miss too often and that's the truth.

But the only way is to carry on and in this moment the boys have to make these decisions by themselves and it’s always better to shoot than not to shoot, for sure. To try it than not to try it. You have to go through in the moment when you don’t score goals like this.

You have to defend very disciplined because if you concede two goals then it’s not easy to score three. If you stay concentrated and disciplined then you will find the moment when you have quality, which we obviously have, and you find the moment when it gets easier. Always some teams have to work harder for one goal than other teams in a different situation.

On Norwich and their new signings…

Absolutely [it’s a big game]. That’s how [the] Premier League is. If you look at the table and think 18 points, it’s of course not too good but then you see them playing and think ‘OK!’. They had some problems in defence for sure and less problems in offence. But always they are creative, they are quick, all that you need.

They concede easy goals but they changed this situation too, they took Wolfsburg’s [Timm] Klose [who plays for] Switzerland. I know him and he’s a really good defender. That will help so they can change. They took the right full-back; they had a problem in this position because the centre-half played most of the time at full-back. They knew about their problems and they tried to solve them.

We are the first team to play against this new team and everybody knows about the quality of [Steven] Naismith, he’s a really good player. I saw him live playing for Scotland against Germany in Dortmund, I was really impressed. He’s always a danger for each defensive line so that's what we have to know.

Everything would be nearly perfect with being in all the cups and things like this, with five or six points more that would have been possible, but we don’t have them. I think we should try to collect points and see what happens then. For this it’s only one [piece of] information, how strong the opponent can be and it’s our job to work that hard that nobody can see how strong Norwich can be. That’s the job for tomorrow.

On Benteke…

With Christian, everybody could see he was involved [against] Exeter in two of three goals. [He made] a really good pass for the first goal, perfect play, and then he was really working hard. A player with his name and this history could be bored in a game like this [but] I didn’t see that. From the attitude side, it was really good.

He tried sometimes too hard, [he had] a little battle with the centre-halves but that’s normal. He stayed cool and tried again and tried again. Sometimes it doesn’t work but everybody could see he knows where the goal is and that’s important. That’s what he has to carry on. It’s not only his job, we have to try to help him, then it works perfectly of course. That’s what we want to do.

I understand you ask that we don’t score enough goals but we have a really good striker, sometimes on the bench but that’s normal. We have to think how it works best for this specific game and that’s what we are doing.

On giving young players chances…

WIth young players you obviously have to make the decision of whether it makes sense that they sit on the bench or is better they play in a team they are allowed to play in, the U21 team. Most of the time I think it makes more sense that they are playing football rather than watching football. A lot of these players were on the bench until now, of course. It’s good for them being with us in training, it’s good for them but at the weekend you have to see how it is.

You can’t sit on the bench only because you are young or because you are skilled so it has to fit with the situation. I [have to] think about if it makes more sense, for example, if [Sheyi] Ojo plays U21. Obviously after his goal, you think about him more than other players but he didn’t play too often in the last half-year.

But in this age [it is] most important [to be] training and playing as often as possible. That’s the decision we have to make. I’m really patient with these guys so if they work hard then they can improve and it’s important that they improve for being a Premier League player in the future.

You always see skills and moments but the game is 95 minutes or longer so we have to help them be prepared for the whole career. We will not forget them. They help us and then I forget their name or something like this, I’m not like this. Go, show, go back and work.

Most of the time we have had to fight for results in the last 20 minutes and it’s not the best moment for a young player to come in with this pressure. If they are good enough, cool, bring them on.