Lucas Leiva has spoken of his excitement at the signing of fellow Brazilian Roberto Firmino, but insists his compatriot will need time to settle into his new surroundings.

Liverpool's new No.11, Firmino, has not travelled on tour with his teammates, who touched down in Brisbane, Australia for the second leg of their trip this morning.

Like Philippe Coutinho, the Hoffenheim recruit who signed for the Reds last month, remains on holiday due to his participation in this summer's Copa America in Chile.

Lucas, who is yet to meet Firmino in person, believes the forward is capable of making a big impression at Anfield, but insists the newcomer should be afforded time to adjust.

"When I heard we were signing him, I thought it was a good signing for us because I have been following him for a while," explained Lucas.

"I haven't met him yet, I only know him from watching the national team. He has got a good record for Brazil - four or five goals in nine games, which is great.

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"He has only started to play for Brazil in the last six months, but he has potential and we have seen in the national team that he can perform.

"He has been playing in Germany, which is a very similar league to the one in England. I think it will be hard straight away and it will just be a case of him having to adapt to the club, the language and the way the manager wants us to play.

"We will see where he fits in. He showed in Germany what he is capable of and hopefully he will be able to adapt as soon as possible. Listen, I remember when [Luis] Suarez arrived at Liverpool and people didn't know much about him.

"Hopefully he will be the new Suarez because that would be great for the club, but it is not fair to put that pressure on him now. I think he has got all the attributes to be a great player for the club, for sure."

Lucas is also relishing the prospect of Firmino linking with compatriot Coutinho during the forthcoming campaign - and believes the duo can create havoc for Premier League defences across the country.

"Firmino is a goalscorer," said Lucas. "He plays for the national team like a No 9. He moves a lot, he is not just static.

"I don't think he is the same as Philippe, who is more of a creator. Hopefully there will be a good link between the two.

"It's the same as when Coutinho arrived - I just want to make sure he feels comfortable, show him around the city and the club. Hopefully he will be a big signing like Philippe has been."