Brendan Rodgers accepted Liverpool were well below par after they suffered a 1-0 defeat to Hull City at the KC Stadium on Tuesday evening.

Michael Dawson's header with 37 minutes on the clock proved the difference as the Reds' hopes of achieving a top-four finish suffered a blow.

Afterwards, Rodgers conceded his side were lacking in terms of an attacking threat, telling his post-match press conference: "We didn't look like scoring, to be honest. We had some good moments and had enough of the ball, but never really threatened the goal as we would have liked, really.

"We're disappointed with the goal we conceded. We didn't have too many opportunities against us, but in that moment we didn't defend well enough.

"We had enough of the game and between the boxes we were okay, but where it counts in that final third we just couldn't make the breakthrough.

"The players put great energy into the game, they worked very hard but our struggles tonight were what they have been for a big part of the season in terms of creativity and scoring goals."

Liverpool's defeat to the Tigers was their fourth in seven matches.

Reporters at the KC Stadium asked Rodgers whether he felt there was a danger of the Reds' campaign 'fizzling out' as 2014-15 reaches its conclusion.

"It's something I spoke about afterwards [to the players]," replied the manager. "Normally after a game, whether we win or lose, I never like to say too much to players because there's always emotion, especially when you lose a game.

"I remember being here last year - we lost 3-1, we were disappointing and I didn't say much. In the next game, we were fantastic at home against Norwich. I spoke about that after this game - we have an obligation to fight right until the very end.

"Of course, we wanted to be in that top four, but it was always going to be very, very difficult for us with how the season mapped itself out with the squad, injuries and whatnot. We can't take away we're fighting for a great club and we're looking now to get the pace and momentum we can take through into next season.

"Tonight, you could see the players were fighting and working, there were a lot of young players still learning the game, but we never really looked like scoring a goal, to be honest."

Earlier in the year, Liverpool had set off on a lengthy unbeaten run in the Barclays Premier League as they attempted to rein in the teams above them in the race for the top four.

Maintaining the intensity and consistency of that period has proven more difficult during the past month, prompting Rodgers to explain why hardening the side's resolve is crucial.

"We were fighting so hard in those games - we won 10 out of 13," he said. "We were playing catch up for a lot of the season and we got ourselves into a great position.

"We lost a couple of big games, which probably dented our confidence a bit. That's the challenge for me for next year, building a team that can get through the rough waters as well.

"That's going to be critical for us. We have got a lot of fantastic players and youthful players but at the times in the season where it is tough, we have to be able to get through that.

"If you're going to make a challenge, like we did last year, at the top end that's what you're going to need.

"That will be the challenge for me between now and the end of pre-season, to rebuild a group and team that can get through not just the smooth but the rough waters."

Rodgers continued: "It has been difficult for us. But we have won enough big games. Certainly in my time here we've won enough games.

"Especially this season when we were playing catch-up, there were a lot of games at home and travelling away where these were must-win games and we had to win them to restore the challenge. And we did that.

"But I also think it's about the quality of player. Young [Philippe] Coutinho tonight was outstanding.

"But in games now he's having to hang onto the ball for a lot longer, he's looking for those runs and the type of movement that he's had here for a couple of years that maybe isn't there so much.

"So it's just about finding that rhythm in the team again and regaining that confidence."

The Reds drew a blank for a second successive match tonight, with their failure to find a way past Steve Harper part of their undoing against Steve Bruce's charges.

Rodgers had spoken after the draw with West Bromwich Albion and ahead of this game of having to improve the side's goalscoring - and reiterated his view again.

He added: "Every season you have to look to try to improve. We've looked to do that in the last couple of years.

"You can't hide away from the fact that we've lost over 50 goals and the reality is, that isn't in the team anymore and any team that loses that, you're going to struggle to maintain the levels that you were at.

"Our level last year, with [Luis] Suarez and [Daniel] Sturridge and those players, we still weren't tipped to be in the top four and were still written off. And that was with those players.

"We haven't now got them and the challenge is even greater for us - Luis gone and Daniel being injured for most of the season.

"The players that are here have given their best to meet that challenge and that standard.

"We're not at that, so we have to refocus again and look to improve the squad, which every club will do, every club and big club will always look to improve in the summer and that's what we'll look to do."