Steven Gerrard insists that while the All-Star match at Anfield this month will be a fantastic footballing spectacle, the event's primary aim is to offer backing to important causes in the local community.

Gerrard joined Jamie Carragher at a press conference on Thursday afternoon, during which the duo revealed their initial squads for the encounter which will take place on March 29.

Organised by the Liverpool FC Foundation, the Reds' official charity, the match, which is now sold out, will raise vital funds in order to benefit thousands of young people and adults around the city.

Gerrard selected the likes of Luis Suarez, Xabi Alonso and Fernando Torres in his squad at Melwood earlier this week - but when he spoke to, the skipper was keen to talk about more pressing issues surrounding the event.

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Steven, first of all, tell us about how excited you are for the charity match...

I can't wait for it. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm sure it will be a great game and a great spectacle for all the fans. We've got some terrific names involved. Credit to all the players for doing all the hard work to make sure they are all available and let's just hope it's a good game. I'm sure it's going to be competitive.

How much of the leg-work have you done? Have you put calls and texts in to these players?

I wouldn't like to take all the credit for it. There's been a bit of a committee involved. But of all the players that I did speak to, one-on-one or those who I've texted, they've jumped at the chance to come back and play in front of a full house. This match has sold out already, which goes to show how excited the fans are, but also the support within the city to help some great causes. All the players can't wait to help those causes. Also, they can't wait to have the chance to play in front of a full house here at Anfield again.

I don't think too many Liverpool fans thought they'd have the chance to see so many big names back here - Xabi Alonso and Luis Suarez probably being two...

I think those two you've named, and many more, never really got the chance to say a proper 'goodbye' to the fans. A lot of players get a good connection with the support here. Sometimes they move on really quickly and they don't get that chance to clap the fans off and give them a bit of appreciation back. So I know all the players are really excited and looking forward to this game - to be involved in and to play their part for all the causes - but also a chance for them to say a proper 'goodbye' to the supporters.

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And the game is to raise money for charities that you are passionate about, as a dad, and charities the club has supported over the years...

Of course - Alder Hey Children's Hospital being the number one for me. It's a big organization that needs the city's help. They are building a brand new hospital there but they need some very important and crucial machinery within the hospital to help the children. Unbelievable causes are going to be getting support. I'm really proud and humbled to support them and so are all the other players involved. But credit to the fans again for putting their hands in their pockets and coming along to watch a great game of football. They also know in the back of their minds that the money is going to great causes.

Testimonials and charity games can sometimes lack a little bit of that competitive edge. When you look at the two teams that you've selected, do you think it will have that edge?

I'm sure it will. I know Brendan Rodgers is keen on making sure that the match is played at a decent tempo. We usually have a game behind closed doors in the international break. But he's going to use this to give players minutes and help with the fitness. It will be competitive. It will be safe - there will be no-one flying in, trying to hurt each other. But I'm sure the tempo will be really high and it will be a good match for the fans to watch.

There are a couple of names and faces that we wouldn't have expected to see here - the likes of John Terry - and Fernando Torres coming back as well. Sometimes it's a brave decision for a footballer to make, to come back to places where they might not be given a great reception...

It's very brave, but I think if you break it down, those players want to come and help the causes local to us. They also want the chance to play at Anfield. I'm sure they are big fans of the atmosphere here. They've had many experiences. Those players could get a bit of stick here on the day, but they are strong enough to take it on the chin, knowing that they have played their part in helping raise some good money for some really special causes.

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We saw the video of the press conference today. There are players that you both care about and it's great to see Jamie involved in this as well...

It's fantastic. When he got asked to get involved, he jumped at the chance. This is not about mine or Jamie's foundations, it's about Alder Hey, it's about Claire House and it's about other charities in and around the LFC Foundation. But Jamie has given all his time and all his effort to come and make it work and you can see already how competitive he is. He'll be desperate to win the game. He said in the press conference that he can't wait to get his boots on. But I know my centre forwards are licking their lips at the chance to play against him because I'm sure he'll be a bit rusty.

It's another game you get to play here at Anfield. Does each and every match that passes now become more precious for you?

Of course. That's the reason I jumped at the chance. Every opportunity I get from now until I go, to play in front of these supporters, I'm going to try and grab it with both hands. It's going to be an emotional few months for me. It's going to be very tough to get through that but I think this will be almost like a celebration and a nice occasion to spend with some teammates that I've been through highs and lows with. Even getting the chance to share a pitch with Jamie again is fantastic for me. I'm so excited. It will be a nice little break from all the tough games we've got ahead for the team.

Tickets for the occasion at Anfield have completely sold out, but the match will be broadcast live and exclusively on LFCTV and LFCTV GO in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, and live around the world.

LFCTV: For anyone signing up to the service between 12.01am on March 28 and 11.59pm on March 29 (48 hours) via Sky or Virgin Media, LFC will donate £3 to the charities. LFCTV subscription is available in the UK and Ireland.

LFCTV GO: A £1, 24-hour pass is available for LFCTV GO. This will be on sale from 7pm on March 28 until 7pm on March 29 and will be valid for 24 hours from the point of purchase. This will give access to the live TV feed as well as on-demand video content. LFC will donate the full £1 to the charities. LFCTV GO is available worldwide.