Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard has once again delivered his personal support and stressed why the 'wonderful cause' of Standard Chartered's 'Seeing is Believing' initiative is so important.

The global charitable campaign seeks to tackle avoidable blindness around the world by providing simple treatments and affordable surgeries to transform the lives of children and adults.

There are 39 million blind people worldwide and yet in eight out of 10 cases blindness can be prevented or treated, and it is one of the most cost-effective health interventions.

Standard Chartered has backed the initiative for more than a decade, while the Reds have joined forces with their main sponsor since 2012 to raise awareness and funds for the cause.

When Gerrard and co welcome Tottenham Hotspur to Anfield this evening, they will stride onto the turf with the 'Seeing is Believing' logo proudly spread across the front of their shirt.

It will be the fourth consecutive year in which the switch has taken place, and the skipper's commitment to the campaign and its benefits remains steadfast and strong.

Gerrard commented: "Trying to prevent people from becoming blind is a wonderful cause. It is a big cause.

"The figures are staggering across this country and the world, people who suffer with their vision or are completely blind. It's a terrific cause and it's an honour to support it.

"I've done it before. It's very important and it's important that us players keep trying to help drill the message home that these people do need help."

Liverpool's No.8 was one of four first-team stars to participate in a Melwood training session with Merseyside Blind FC recently, in which the players tested their skills under blindfold.

The special visit was one part of a fortnight of activities between the club and Standard Chartered, all with the aim of generating further support for an initiative that carries out crucial work across the globe.

"People look up to us and it's not until you come and you join in with these people that you see the difficulties that they go through to play the game," said Gerrard.

"They love it and play it in great spirits. It's very difficult what they do; we tried to do it with blindfolds on and it is a very tough gig to play football without vision.

"Football is all about vision, so credit to them. They deserve all the credit not us. It gives us a flavour of what other people go through to try to play the game. We're the lucky ones."

For more information on the 'Seeing is Believing' initiative and to make a donation now, click here to visit the campaign's official website.