Gary McAllister sees no reason why Liverpool can't make a return to Wembley by securing victory at Stamford Bridge this evening in the second leg of their Capital One Cup semi-final clash with Chelsea.

The former Reds midfielder believes the balance of the tie, and the pressure on Chelsea playing at home, may even play into the Reds' hands thanks to their counter-attacking style of play.

"The game down at Stamford Bridge is going to be very tight," said McAllister. "But I think it might suit Liverpool.

"Being at home, Chelsea will be under pressure to come out and score first and that's when Liverpool are at their best, when it's quick, counter-attacking football.

"So, it'll be close, but Liverpool are capable of beating Chelsea at Stamford Bridge; they've done it before and I don't see why they can't do it again."

McAllister also gave his verdict on the recent form of Brazilian midfield maestro Philippe Coutinho, emphasising the difference made to the team by having the 22-year-old on the pitch.

"When Coutinho is there, Liverpool's rhythm and flow is much better," he explained. "He's a touch-player, a confidence player and you can see his form starting to come back to him.

"He's also brave. By that, I don't mean he goes flying into tackles, but rather goes for the passes. Some days they come off, some days they don't but going for those adventurous passes is brave."

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