Jordan Henderson has explained why he'll use the final months of the season to absorb all the pointers he can from the leadership qualities of Steven Gerrard.

The captain has announced he will leave the club at the end of the season to begin a new chapter at LA Galaxy in the United States after 17 years in the Reds first team.

Henderson highlights Gerrard as one of the main sources of inspiration during his rise from promising youngster to Anfield's deputy skipper over the past three years - and he's aiming to continue to learn all he can from the Huyton-born icon.

He told "I've always tried to do that anyway because he's such an outstanding person and player.

"Everybody looks up to him and to him for advice or anything like that. Over the next five or six months, we've got to cherish every moment, especially on the pitch when we're playing with him.

"Ever since I came to the club, Stevie has been fantastic for me personally, which I've said many times before. I've always looked to him as a role model since I was very young.

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"Coming here, playing with him and training with him every day was a huge honour - and still is. I'll miss that because he's an outstanding player.

"Not only have I learned stuff from him on the pitch, but also off the pitch and the way he goes about things and the way he conducts himself.

"He's a very genuine and humble person, which makes him even more of a legend to me."

It's one week since Gerrard made the announcement of his departure and while Henderson admits it came as a shock, he insists the 34-year-old's decision should be respected.

He added: "We only found out the day after the Leicester game and everyone was in shock.

"We didn't really expect it because when you think of Stevie, you expect him to be around forever. He's decided it's time for something different and everybody has just got to respect that and move on."

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In typical Gerrard fashion, he returned to the field following the news with two goals in a hard-fought FA Cup victory over AFC Wimbledon on Monday evening.

"Everybody expects it now, don't they? He's done it that many times," reflected Henderson.

"He always produces when the team needs him the most. It was a difficult game on Monday, but he came up with a bit of magic with the free-kick and a great header as well. Hopefully he can do the same again on Saturday at Sunderland."

Gerrard reserved glowing praise for Henderson earlier this week when quizzed about the 24-year-old's credentials as his successor for the Liverpool armband.

"I certainly believe Jordan has everything you need to be a great captain," he said.

Henderson admits such words come as a major fillip.

"It obviously means a lot to me," he said. "It's a huge compliment, especially coming from someone like him, with his stature.

"It's huge for me, personally - but he's been like that ever since I came to the club. He's been a massive influence. I have to carry on doing what I have been and keep trying to learn as much as I can."