The minutes of the latest meeting between the Liverpool FC Supporters' Committee and club representatives are now available to read and download online.

Anfield was the venue for the Committee's 14th meeting, which was convened on Sunday, 30 November 2014. The meeting was attended by nine senior members of the club, including chief executive Ian Ayre, together with eight members of the Supporters'' Committee.

The theme for discussion was 'pricing structures' and with the Committee holding a fan forum the morning before the meeting to gather fans' views, there was lots to discuss.

Ticket prices were the main talking point between the groups and, at the request of the chair of the Supporters' Committee, the club agreed to host a further meeting this Thursday with members of the Committee and a small group of fans to discuss this important subject in more detail.

Ian Ayre said that ticket pricing is always going to be a talking point at the meetings and confirmed that the club's focus remains on the younger fans. Since FSG assumed ownership of LFC just over four years ago, the club has been committed to affordable ticketing and prices have increased by less than inflation. Between 27,000-28,000 junior tickets have been available per season in the last few years, following initiatives suggested by the Supporters' Committee.

The meeting also highlighted that out of the 24,000 season ticket holders, around 16,000 of them are registered at a local Liverpool or local address, which the Supporters' Committee said is extremely important to maintain local support.

As well as ticket prices, other topics that were discussed in the meeting included, telephone number for ticket sales, credit card fees and grass roots football.

You can click here to access full minutes of the discussion now.