Steven Gerrard has represented both club and country around the globe playing in some of the world's most iconic settings - but it was a recent trip to his hometown of Huyton which brought an altogether different sense of pride to the Reds skipper.

Visiting the Lord Derby Academy, the No.8 attend his foundation's annual soccer school together with fellow teammate Jordan Henderson, and spoke of what it meant to be giving something back to the community that played such a pivotal role in his life.

"I'll always be biased to Huyton because I don't think I would have got to where I've got to today without the upbringing I had there and the street football I used to play," said Gerrard.

"I learnt how to use both feet, how to shoot, pass, turn and how to compete with older lads, so I'll always have special affection for this place."

Held in conjunction with the Hugh McAuley Football Academy, the work done by the Steven Gerrard Foundation aims to involve children from all backgrounds with varying ability, and Gerrard was delighted to see how well the sessions organised were received by those children taking part.

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"I see their enthusiasm, how much they love the game and how they dream of one day being a professional footballer for Liverpool," he added.

"That's exactly the dream I had and it's great to see it in them kids and to give them advice. The support I've always had from these parts ever since making my debut for the club has been phenomenal, so it's only right to give something back."

McAuley's involvement is also of particular significance, and the man who helped nurture a future Liverpool and England captain from the age of eight explained how every child who takes part begins with the same dreams and aspirations as Gerrard.

He said: "A lot of the kids remind me of Steven when he first came to the Academy as an eight-year-old; a cheeky little grin, full of football promise and wanting to tell the world how good they are.

"Steven has laid down an example to follow for local kids with the hope of one day finding the next Steven Gerrard to go into Liverpool's first team.

"I've always believed in football as a vehicle to get to kids in a number of ways, so we'll take the time to talk to kids about a number of things in life, about having values and respect for each other."

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