The Official Story of Liverpool FC tells the tale of one of England's greatest clubs.

Reliving the Reds' 18 league titles and five European Cups – plus many more trophies besides – the theatre production brings the club's history to life, allowing older fans to reminisce, educating the new generation in the process.

Starring Mark Moraghan and Jake Abraham, it's been described as the perfect tribute to the club by some Liverpool legends, with such moments as the Hillsbrorough disaster poignantly remembered.

ProgrammeMaster has produced the official guide to the play, giving a unique insight to some of the action behind the scenes, while playwright Nicky Allt offers his take on key scenes. An interview with Reds hero Alan Kennedy relives his favourite moments, also.

It's a must-have for those who have seen the play, are planning to or are simply die-hard Reds.

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