Brendan Rodgers had Liverpool playing some of the most stylish, entertaining and productive football in Europe last season – but how would his team perform at the current World Cup?

It's a hypothetical question that we're sure many fans have pondered as they have watched the Argentinians, Brazilians, Dutch, French, Germans et al show off their ability in South America.

Would the Reds be a match for the might of a national superpower? Who better to ask than an Anfield alumnus who actually appeared in a World Cup final with his country, Dietmar Hamann?

"It's very hard to compare a club team with a national team," explained the former midfielder. "You have obviously got the advantage of working together day in, day out.

"Italy played a warm-up game against one of the club teams in Brazil - I'd like to see that more often because it would give you an idea of how to compare them or how strong they are.

"If Liverpool were to go to the World Cup, I think regardless of what group they go in they would qualify for the last 16.

"I'd probably say last 16 or the last eight. I don't think they could go all the way, but I would fancy them to get out of the group stage at least."