The Hillsborough Independent Panel report of September 2012 could become the model for an altered approach to public disasters in a new bill to be introduced in parliament.

A plan has been formed which intends to help the families of victims in tragedies, aiming to avoid a repeat of the trauma surrounding Hillsborough, where 96 Liverpool supporters lost their lives.

More than a quarter of a century after the fateful events of April 15, 1989, when the Reds faced Nottingham Forest in an FA Cup semi-final at the stadium, fresh inquests are currently taking place.

The new hearing was ordered 18 months ago, when the original verdicts of accidental death were quashed, following the revelations of the Hillsborough Independent Panel report.

Supported by the Hillsborough families, the panel delved through hundreds of thousands of archive documents that shed huge and hitherto unknown light on the disaster and its aftermath.

This proposed bill would appoint a state-funded advocate to act on behalf of bereaved families following a national tragedy, including the power to create a review panel similar to the HIP.

The suggested advocate would not replace the current system of inquests and inquiries, but protect the interests of the bereaved, ensure transparency and report directly to parliament.

Merseyside MP, Maria Eagle, will introduce the bill at the House of Commons, while Lord Wills - a key proponent of the HIP - will propose the motion in the House of Lords.

In a joint article written for The Independent, the pair argued: "There needs to be a better balance between the impartial discharge of justice and good government and protecting the interests and feelings of the bereaved.

"Their primary duty is not to serve some abstract conception of state interest but the needs of those most in need. And in the case of public disasters such as Hillsborough, that means the needs and interests of the bereaved needs to be given greater priority."

Meanwhile, the Independent Police Complaints Commission today issued their June update on the continuing investigations into the Hillsborough disaster and its aftermath. To download the update, click here to visit the IPCC website.