Take a look through the training images captured at Melwood on a weekly basis during the season and the vast majority feature broad smiles across players' faces.

Among the various shots of the Liverpool squad warming up, running drills and participating in high-intensity sessions are brief snapshots of their shared mentality.

The results across 2013-14 helped, of course, with the Reds converting positivity on the preparation pitches into regular victories when the genuine action got underway.

A second-place finish in the Barclays Premier League was testament to the crucial work overseen in West Derby; a goals tally of 101 from 38 games provided extra evidence.

Positioned at the centre of everything is Brendan Rodgers, a true training ground manager who meticulously crafts the plans for his group every single day.

His dedication has certainly chimed with the captain, Steven Gerrard. In fact, the No.8 has revealed why he and his teammates glide into their routines.

"You have to give huge credit to the manager," said the Liverpool skipper.

"He came in, a young manager taking a huge job - and to have the impact he's had in such a short space of time is phenomenal really.

"I'm enjoying every minute working with him, he's a top manager, a top bloke; I'm skipping into work, enjoying training, and I think every player's the same.

"You can see it in our performances - everyone's expressing themselves, playing with confidence and belief. He takes the fear away from you as a player. You're not scared to make mistakes under him because you're playing the exact way he wants you to play.

"His first six months was obviously everyone getting used to him but as soon as the message got across to the team, I think we've carried it out really well over the last 18 months."