The sight of yet another outstretched leg from Jamie Carragher, thwarting the latest relentless AC Milan assault, is a defining image of Liverpool's unthinkable Champions League triumph in 2005.

When the half-time whistle was blown by Manuel Mejuto Gonzalez at the Ataturk Stadium nine years ago today, the Reds had been decimated by their clinical and classy Italian opponents.

With both the team-talk of Rafael Benitez and an inspirational version of 'You'll Never Walk Alone' ringing in their ears, the side roused themselves, determined to claw back in the second period.

But nobody possibly expected what would follow; a perfect header from Steven Gerrard kicked off the unlikeliest of comebacks, which was completed by a Vladimir Smicer piledriver and Xabi Alonso's penalty.

Milan did not simply surrender, however. No, the heavyweights of European football responded in kind, seeking the strikes that would stem Liverpool's resurgence and restore dominance.

Standing in their way was Carragher - unmovable, unshakable and unflinching. The centre-back seemed the ultimate obstacle to every foray launched by Carlo Ancelotti's charges, using any body part to prevent the ball crossing the line a fourth time.

Cramp could not quell his relentless performance and neither could the final whistle - with penalties looming, Jerzy Dudek received a shrieked, hurried piece of wisdom on how to approach the shootout.

Nine years on, to watch Carragher's contribution to one of the greatest nights in Reds history remains an illuminating experience, filled with the small moments you may have previously missed.

So we invite you to take five minutes, concentrate your focus entirely and click play on the free embedded video below to enjoy the highlights of a performance which matures with every anniversary.

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