Regardless of how the final day of the 2013-14 season pans out on Sunday, Brendan Rodgers insists both he and Liverpool have plenty of work to do on the training pitch this summer.

The Reds head into the weekend with a mathematical chance of winning the Barclays Premier League, should they beat Newcastle United at Anfield and Manchester City lose at home to West Ham United.

However, no matter how fate conspires, Rodgers admits he and his squad have much to mull over given Liverpool's defensive record of 49 goals conceded.

The boss told his pre-match press conference: "We know the areas that we need to improve. We've got 99 goals - it's fairly clear and simple we need to improve defensively away from home.

"In terms of conceding goals at home, we're in the top five ranked in the league with 17 goals conceded. But away from home, we've conceded 32. It's not even so much structure, it's concentration for me.

"Going to Old Trafford and not conceding, going to Tottenham and not conceding, and to Southampton, which is a difficult place, we didn't concede.

"But in other games, like the other night when we were 3-0 up, we've conceded three goals. Even in games I've looked at when we've won, we haven't defended well enough away from home.

"That will be the focus for us - continuing with the philosophy that has got us into this position, but tightening up in areas away from home. That will be key for us next season."

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Liverpool were left to rue defensive errors on Monday night as they surrendered a three-goal lead to draw 3-3 against Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park.

Rodgers has since extensively analysed the game and believes a lack of concentration was to blame. 

He said: "The game the other night was difficult. I've watched it three times since and I'm still in shock when I see us end up drawing the game 3-3. To have that much control and good concentration and organisation in the game, for it to slip with 12 minutes to go shouldn't happen. That was probably the biggest disappointment.

"If you can't keep your concentration long enough, you'll lose your place. It's as simple as that - you'll lose your place in the squad.

"We've played in big games this season and showed real solidity defensively - but we went away to Cardiff and yes, we scored six goals, but we conceded three; went away to Stoke, scored five and conceded three; Palace three; Hull three.

"Yes, there's an element of quality from the opponent, but I look at and analyse the game intensely and a big part of it is concentration - organisation, concentrating on your job.

"The game the other night, if it was 0-0 we wouldn't have conceded the first goal we did. But because it was 3-0, you can think the game is over - and you can't give people what they don't have. That's also important to understand.

"But our work is continual. We will really focus on that part of our game over the course of pre-season. 

"Like I said when I came in, we had to improve our goals tally, so we went from 47 scored in a season to now 99 and whatever it finishes at the weekend - and we'll do the same with the defence."

One aspect of Liverpool's game Rodgers feels requires little improvement is their ability to perform under pressure. 

The manager feels they've demonstrated their capacity to play without nerves, despite being involved in the title race. 

Rodgers said: "What I have had great pride in is how the players have actually dealt with the pressure. We've had it put on us for a few months now, 'Can we deal with the pressure?' - it's clear we can.

"Look at the level of our football that we've played, there have been no nerves in relation to that. Some of the unfortunate incidents we've had, like when Steven [Gerrard] slipped in the Chelsea game, that can happen to anyone.

"The level of our football shows we can cope with it, but the disappointment is there, of course. 

"We won't dwell on it. You can't think about what might or could have happened, you can only really focus on what has happened and look forward to getting better and improving."