Having the privilege to observe his players and staff on a daily basis means Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has not been caught by surprise by the Reds' remarkable 10-match winning streak.

Claiming three points from Manchester City last Sunday further extended the side's record of victories, and no team has found a way to beat Liverpool in 15 attempts in the league during 2014.

This relentless surge has carried Rodgers' charges to the summit of the Barclays Premier League with four fixtures remaining and Norwich City the latest obstacle to hurdle, at Carrow Road on Sunday.

If the Reds can secure an 11th consecutive win in East Anglia this weekend, they will not only maintain top spot but also seal outright qualification for next season's Champions League.

"The exhilaration and how mobile we've been as a club this year has probably taken a lot of people by surprise," the boss reflected to beIN SPORTS.

"It certainly hasn't taken me by surprise because I get the chance to work with the people here and I see the determination they have and the confidence I have in our way of playing.

"My objective is clear at this moment in time. My job when I came in here - I said to the owners - was to get us back into the Champions League, and once we can do that then we can concentrate on the other targets.

"Obviously, I came to Liverpool to be a winner. I didn't come here to finish mid-table or anywhere else. You come here to win. Liverpool is a club that is synonymous with winning.

"As a player and as a coach and manager, everyone in football wants to test themselves at the highest possible level that they can in club football. But, obviously, we're not there yet - we have to qualify first. And if we do that, then we will certainly embrace and enjoy it."

Rodgers' team have become the great entertainers of this Premier League season, racking up an incredible 93 goals in their 34 matches to date, with only City anywhere close to that figure.

The pressing and pace of the Reds' attackers have forced many opponents into submission; the manager credits the execution of that tactic to the mentality of his players at Melwood during the week.

"It's all about mentality," he continued. "I think it was something that was clear when I came in, that we needed to score more goals.

"We've tried to focus in my time here on dangerous possession, on our penetration and the way we win the ball back in dangerous areas to create more chances to score. We work on it every day in training - it's a mindset and it's something that has served us well."