Ahead of today's clash at Carrow Road, we asked Norwich City fan Adam Savoury for the view from the opposition - and he explained why his team will have to stop Raheem Sterling.

The statistics show that Norwich have lost three on the run, without scoring; what can Liverpool expect on Sunday?

We've hit a poor run at the wrong time, especially when you look at our remaining games. But we've got to believe we can do it and I'm certain we will give it a good go and the crowd will get right behind them on Sunday. We've only conceded 13 goals at Carrow Road this season, but goals have been a massive problem for us.

You have a new manager at the helm - how have things changed since the departure of Chris Hughton? How has Neil Adams fared so far?

Adams has only had the one game in charge, where we played much better than previous away games, but still had the same result. We'll certainly play in a more expressive way than we did under Chris Hughton. There was a lot of ill-feeling around the club in recent weeks so the change has definitely united everyone at the club again. Will that be enough? I'll let you know in a month.

Brendan Rodgers believes your side's precarious position in the league makes Norwich a dangerous opponent. Would you agree with that sentiment?

I suppose that's a fair comment. It isn't easy playing struggling sides at this stage of the season, as Sunderland demonstrated at Manchester City on Wednesday night.

What gives you confidence that the Canaries can produce a result this weekend?

Our record at Carrow Road is good. 24 of our 32 points this season have come at Carrow Road and we've only conceded once from open play in 2014. We've beaten the 'bigger clubs' here before and taken points from Everton, Manchester City and Tottenham here this season, as well as running Chelsea and Manchester United close.

What emotions are evoked when Norwich fans hear the name 'Luis Suarez'?

I wouldn't say it evokes any emotion particularly. He's a world-class player, but I'm sure he's not the only one Neil Adams has been drawing attention to this week. Having said that, I wouldn't have been the slightest bit disappointed had he been shown a second yellow card last week!

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He has struck 11 goals in four matches against Norwich; can you explain why he performs so well against your team? Is there an identifiable reason?

I'm not really sure, to be honest. It's just one of those things where he seems to perform at the top of his game against us, although we're not the only ones! He's scored some sensational goals against us in the last couple of seasons.

Other than the Uruguayan, who worries you most in the Liverpool team?

Collectively, you've scored something like 90 league goals this season so there's plenty to be wary of. Having watched the Manchester City game last weekend, I was particularly impressed with Raheem Sterling. Pace frightens anyone, and we'll have to stop him picking up the ball in those central areas between the defence and midfield like he did last week.

What is your prediction for Sunday?

Good question. My heart says we'll get three much-needed points to ease our relegation worries. My head on the other hand... I've said for a while, I hope you go on to win the title. Just not if it means beating us on Sunday!