Brendan Rodgers echoed the sentiments of Steven Gerrard and re-iterated the message he's been sending out all season: the next game is the most important.

With Liverpool perched at the Barclays Premier League summit, the captain ordered his players not to let pole position slip, and to "go again against Norwich" immediately after the electric 3-2 win over Manchester City on Sunday.

Gerrard's instruction mirrored the mantra of Rodgers, who insists on never looking too far ahead and simply focusing on the next fixture.

On the post-game huddle, the manager said: "I thought it was great because it encapsulated a lot of what the message has been from myself right the way through this season. It was brilliant that Stevie directly after the game was pulling in all the players and reminding them it's about the next game. It's about Norwich.

"Everyone knows what I think of Steven and the importance that he has for us. People would've looked at that and said, 'that's Stevie as the leader, leading his troops' and what he did there was for the club, for the team. He really is a selfless player. Many people would've looked at that and said, 'Steven Gerrard is desperate to win the title', of course he is!

"He is a wonderful ambassador for the club and the message he gave is the same one I've relayed all season."

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Rodgers was quizzed about whether things were starting to align for league-leading Liverpool, and he responded: "Nothing ever falls into place, you have to make it happen."

He was also quick to highlight that Wednesday night's top-flight results (City being held by Sunderland and Everton losing at home to Crystal Palace) were a "warning sign for everyone that with four games to go, nothing is guaranteed."

He explained: "For supporters and other people looking at games on paper, they may or may not look easy, but for us as managers and coaches, it''s very difficult to forecast.

"I''ve said from day one, every single game at this level is a test, whether you're playing the team at the top or the team at the bottom. It is an extremely difficult league, it''s the most competitive league in European football.

"Last night probably epitomised why. Every team has got quality, every team can score goals. They may not be able to put it consistently together, but you know in games they can do well.

"Crystal Palace defended really well last night and had a threat on the counter attack, and Manchester City had it difficult against Sunderland, who played very well."

Rodgers is thus expecting a complex challenge away to the Canaries.

"It''s the nature of this league and Norwich will be the same for us this weekend," he added.

"They know they need to win their game. They're just above the relegation [zone] and they''ll see their home games as being vital for them.

"They're looking to change their way they're playing. They're looking to open up the field a bit more and have a bit more space to play in. 

"They'll want to show they can win in front of their supporters."

The Reds boss batted away talk of pressure and re-enforced his stance: "We just focus on the next game, on ourselves, on our performance level and that takes away all the background noise."