Brendan Rodgers will take inspiration from his transfer dealings in January of this year when the next window opens and he renews the search for the 'right' players to strengthen his squad.

The boss' two signings at the beginning of 2013, playmaker Philippe Coutinho and striker Daniel Sturridge, have both proved an unqualified success throughout their opening year at Liverpool.

Rodgers reiterated his philosophy from the summer that the club will not only target players capable of enhancing the Reds' starting XI, but also recruit talented individuals for the future.

"We are always trying to build for the future with a sense of the present, which is to strengthen where we can," the manager said.

"You can only do that if you can bring in players who will enhance the team or you just stockpile players.

"We will always look to improve the team in the windows. I have regular communication with the owners so it's not a case of sitting down.

"It is always evolving. What we can't afford to do is to spend for the sake of it. If the money is there and the right player is available, I have no doubts the owners would spend that money.

"It has to be one that can come in and help us. We saw last January with the two boys who came in and helped the team straight away, there was no hesitation with that.

"It was something that they did. If that can be the case in January again, that would be brilliant for us. We want to keep improving. I am privileged to be here and I know the conditions that I have to work in.

"We are trying to grow something here and develop it. We are not going to be in a position to improve it all ways straight away.

"The only frustration comes after performances and results like against Hull. That is the challenge of us trying to grow this thing here and develop it all the time."

The Northern Irishman used defender Tiago Ilori, who switched to Liverpool on transfer deadline day in September, as a perfect example of adding players to build for the future at Anfield.

"Signing Ilori was about looking after the future of the club. Centre-halves are very hard to get," he continued.

"I know as well as anyone, especially working with young players, that they need time in that area. He was one that became available. He wasn't overly-priced.

"I see the price that is quoted and it is nowhere near the mark to be honest. He has come in, he will have six months to adapt and then he will go out and get experience.

"Hopefully in the future, maybe long after I am gone, he can prove to be a talent. That is the responsibility of myself and the club going forward to nurture it.

"Of course I have to focus very much on the here and now, but I always have to respect the club and have one eye on the future."