Jordan Henderson's dedication to improving as a player has paved the way for him to flourish in a variety of positions for Liverpool this season, according to Mike Marsh.

Henderson has been asked to play wide-midfield, wing-back and in the central-midfield role in the nine games of the campaign so far.

He performed in the middle of the park during the win over Crystal Palace, picking up the pieces, breaking up play and bossing the tempo with a mix of short and long passes.

Marsh explained how the No.14 is learning all the time, while showing the necessary intelligence to adapt to different roles.

"Jordan has been outstanding in all the games," Marsh told

"He's able to play anywhere across the line and he's played wing-back on occasions. His attitude and enthusiasm for the game is there for all to see.

"His technical and tactical qualities have shone through. He's been excellent.

"He's settled into the position really well. When he plays in the central midfield role, he's more tactically aware and when he plays in the wide role, he provides the energy up and down the lines. He's got lots of strings to his bow.

"Jordan got off to a difficult start, which is tough when you come into a club like Liverpool. But he's found his feet after that settling-in period.

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"He's always been a good player, but now that he's improved, I think he's showing just how good a player he is."

A versatile midfielder in his own right, Marsh played in a variety of positions for his boyhood club between 1989 and 1993.

"Being a midfield player, you do take an interest in how the players in your area are doing," said Marsh.

"Any type of guidance you can offer, you pass it on. But we're different types of players in that Jordan's got far more energy and legs than I ever had!"

Meanwhile, the Reds will be keen to welcome Joe Allen back over the coming weeks as the Wales international approaches full fitness following a hamstring problem he picked up against Notts County at the end of August.

Marsh said: "I'm really looking forward to getting him back in the squad. He started pre-season really well, but obviously he picked up a couple of injuries that have set him back.  

"But he'll be like a new addition to the squad. With the shoulder injury that he had and then picking up the next injury, it will be nice to have him back in the squad to boost the numbers."